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Recent posts by Maya Naga

This is my sample application which provides result as follows:

Since i have this jQuery Highcharts:

I have to pass ro_count,ro_free_count,etc instead of 'name' in 'series' and 'arr[i][j]' values instead of 'data' place... Am new to JSON Format.

Can any one help me how to convert and pass these values to this chart application.
11 years ago
I have created a chart application using jQuery, JSP and ajax.

using javascript function, am storing the selected listbox values in 'sel_data_value'. I need to pass this selected array values to database to retrieve values regarding selection. How can i do this using ajax. i don know how to pass array values in ajax and retrieve it from database.

if sel_data_value='vehicle reporting' is selected how can i pass this using ajax to database so that i can retrieve array of values and pass it to chart application. I am new to ajax. can anyone help me how to send and retrieve array of values using ajax.
Thanks Bear.. actually it was my mistake to mention as combo box..
Am new to JSP and Servlet..
Please can you give me some example...
11 years ago
Hi ranches,
I have developed an application with the combination of html, JSP and Servlet...
i have created a jsp file with 3 combo box....
for first 2 combo boxes am passing value from database..
but for the third combo i need to pass array values from a java file...

the code is as follows:

i need to pass these values to :

How to do that? please i need help.
11 years ago
hi ranches,
I am developing a java web application. When i came to know about jQuery i was much impressed by its UI.
I go through some sites about how to integrate jQuery in java applications. But i don't get any idea on how to do it.
can any know how to use jQuery in java applications? if possible please give me few examples about that.
thank you.
any one please give some idea on how to solve the above issues..
11 years ago
i have another issue.
how to pass variable values to next page using post method..
i have done using get method and am passing values such as:

echo "<a href=\"outgoing.php?optSingle=".$c."&beg=".$frmDate."&datEnd=".$toDate."&inTxt=".$incoming."&flr=".$flr."&page=1\" ></a>";

how to change to post method?
can please someone help me to solve above 2 issues?
11 years ago
hi ranches..
i have done application which retrieves result from mysql table according to user extension and date's..
i did pagination to display the result. i try to print the result as ' Showing 1-10 records of 100'.
but my problem is am getting same as '90-100 of 100 records' rather than '94-100 of 100 records ' though the page has only 6 records..
how to solve this problem...

i have attached my code..

11 years ago
Name Number
-------- -----------
ravi 5678
devi 8907
sam 2323,4567

say for an example the billing_numbers table will contain data similar as above. in my homepage i'll list the combobox with the name values which is retrieved using query. when the user selects 'ravi' from combobox i need to pass '5678' to the textfield value. this is what i did. since we cannot do this in single page, is it possible to retrieve the value '5678' from another php page where the query result exists without navigating to that page.

am i clear now?
Hi all...
As i am new to php, i have the following doubt.
Say for an example, i have homepage form with few textfields and radio buttons. i have assigned method='get' where am passing values to another page . My doubt is am going to include a combo box with items such as Ravi, Devi, etc. when the user selects any item, it want to load relevant numbers (ravi->3456, devi->6789,5534) into the textfield. i have developed a code to retrieve the value but the form's method value should be 'POST'. i know it is not possible to use both get and post method at the same time. but how can i solve this problem. is it possible to send the selected item value to another page and retrieve the numbers '3456','6789' without navigating to another page.
my sample code for combo box:

i have included it into my homepage as follows: it works successfully but problem is , when i enter other textfields and select this combo value it automatically refreshes the other fields and fields become empty.

any ideas. please some one guide me some sample codes on how to do it.
thanks eric..
i solved this problem by just giving document.form.submit();
its just works fine....
thanks eric..
but when i used to pass the variable $total_numbers through onchange function, the alert results as "hi undefined"...
how to pass the result value $total_numbers to textbox through onchange function.. here is my code which shows result in textbox when submit button is cliked..
please is any other way to solve this?

hi ranches...

my doubt is whether we can pass the query result '$no' directly to javascript variable to fill in the textbox using onchange() function. i dono how to pass this value. i tried the below code but its not working. please someone say how to proceed. i need the query result value to be displayed in textfield when user selects item from combobox.

hi ,
i have solved getting the selected combo value and passing it to another mysql query. am getting the result.
but now i need to pass these values to textfield.
here is my code;

actually this is a part of my application. my home page code would be as follows:

can anyone help how to pass the result value to textfield...[is it possible without using ajax]
thanks in advance.