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Recent posts by vina parmar

Could anyone help me.
8 years ago

Monu Tripathi wrote:Take a look at the following classes:

Its really useful.
But, I am not able to solve my problem.

8 years ago

I have a image which has 2 circle intersect each other.
I want to change the color of intersect area on tap.
Color will be changed only of the tapped area.

How can I find the the closed area of image so I can change the color of selected area of image?
Is it possible?

8 years ago
Is there any one?
Many developers getting same problem.

here is another person who facing the same as my problem.

Google Maps Problem

Is it Android problem or other because MapsDemo working fine with my mapsApi key.

Any one there??

9 years ago
Hi Monu,

I have problem in google maps.
I have done all to get the google maps Api key and for keysore.

I have use this to take MD5 fingerprint.

Got the Maps Api key.

I have set all the permission, including google library.

After that then it will showing me google map with good picture.
But after 4 times running the application it is not showing me pictures, it shows me only grids. Means my Google maps not displaying pictures now. See the attachment.
I am doing since last 3 days but not get the success.

What will be the problem?

9 years ago
Really Sorry for that.
I didn't.
Now I am reading whole document.

Thanks for your co-operation and suggestions.

Thanks a lot.
9 years ago
Thanks Monu.
It's working really fine.
And I am reading the Document, side by side I am just trying to implement, that is why question arises.

Thanks for your support.

One question : I have created 3 Activity. On the start up screen it shows me all the three activity with the icon, which I don't want.
While other application like ApiDemos don't have this kind of behavior, why is it so?
how can I resolve it?
9 years ago
Yes Monu that is why.
I am just trying for that because it is not giving me any compile time error.
I have pasted my code because anyone can understand my problem and can suggest because there is no method to get InputStream in HttpPost..

9 years ago
Thanks Swastik,
It's working.

But my problem is response now coming in XML format. And I am using DOM parser.
I can able to parse it through
String url = "";
URL url = new URL(link);
DocumentBuilder builder = factory.newDocumentBuilder();
Document dom = builder.parse(url.openConnection().getInputStream());

Now when I passing the response String in builder.parse(response) as you have given me
String response=hc.execute(postMethod,res);
it is giving error as
org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: InputSource needs either stream or reader
I am not using SAXParser at all.

My code is.

It will fetch the data getting response in the string but giving error at Document dom = builder.parse(response);

What am I missing or where am I wrong?
9 years ago

How can I post data to Server.
I have Checked it with get Method. Now i have to use through POST method how can I pass it.

String url = "";


String url = "";
which I have tried using HttpGet
How can I post data name=mobile, surname=developer , Address=Palo Alto , CA, USA likewise?


9 years ago
Thanks Tim

It will help me a lot.
9 years ago
Thanks Monu,

I have tried HashMap and it works fine.
But in next Activity I have to use Vector then it will again create problem.

If you can find the solution please reply.
9 years ago

It is giving me error as : Error in B(304): java.lang.ClassCastException: java.util.HashMap

Anything I am missing.
9 years ago
Thanks for the reply

OK even I am not able to understand your que.
Let me explain again.
Activity Class A contains EditText, Spinner and Button. On Click event of Button it parse json and put the values into the Vectors this will done in myClass which is serialized.
After that as per records I am putting values in the Hashtable which is related to Vectors.
So i have to pass both to the Activity Class B which will display them.

I am not overloading get method.
I am not using Bundle and Intent class more then the given code.

9 years ago