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Recent posts by Allan Cheong

Hi Ranchers,

Any recommended books about security, especially for TLS + WS-Security? Appreciate your input.
10 years ago
@Mike Simmons: You are right. Thanks for the article. Good knowledge.
10 years ago
@KellyDeek Jones: It is possible to override static method, but IMO, static methods should be accessed in a static way.
10 years ago
I suggest the book Java Web Services: Up & Running. I can't find any good tutorial on the web too.
Hi guys,

I've finally cleared the exam with 89%!

The exam is harder than what was expected. I was stunned when I clicked on the 'End Exam' button and the score was revealed. Phew...!

One tip to anyone taking this soon, read the servlet specs. I didn't expect there are numerous questions on this topic.

I used O'Reilly HFSJ and also bought Enthuware's Mock Tests questions.

I'm gonna rest for a while before taking SCDJWS!
12 years ago
Hi gurus. Is there a different between both RequestDispatcher?


Which one should I use at any point of time? I observe that a new RequestDispatcher instance gets created for every time the method is invoked. Can someone care to explain please?
Hi all,

I am playing with some codes and found that I am unable to create such function:



The problem occurs at .jsp I believe. However if I change the .jsp to the following, it works.

Any ideas on how I can pass array (String ...) in a taglib function in JSP?
Hi all,

The book I ordered, HFSJ - SCWCD, just arrived. I bought the voucher and is planning to take the exam by next year June or September, hopefully. I will start by reading the book. Is there anything particular I should be focusing on? Any tips and inputs are greatly appreciated.

Congrats Raf! It took Oracle/Sun 3 months to grade my assignment too.
Performance wise if you are afraid of it will affect the application, you should write it down in your choices explaining why you choose to do it. However, I do not think performance will be an issue in this assignment. For instance in my assignment, my code will still run the lock and unlock method although in stand alone mode. It will be insignificantly slower but I chose to do it this way because of simpler design.
I didn't go through thoroughly the DVD sample application. Because halfway through, I decided to use notifyAll() and wait() method. But, I guess it's not difficult to understand once you get hold of the concept of which object should be used to be synchronized. And of course beware of objects shared across threads.
I have javadoc for the enum class, constructor and toString method.
My program writes directly to database file. If record flag is valid (not deleted), it will be retrieved. If it is deleted byte in flag bytes, it will not be retrieved. My delete method just writes the deleted bytes into the flag area.