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Recent posts by Larry Darrell

Thanks Ivan, you have been most helpful.
I will give your suggestions a go.

Thanks again.
14 years ago
Thank you Ivan.

No, I am quite at my liberty to choose the soap engine. I chose Axis1 as it was what I discovered first on google.
And using the Axis eclipse plug-in, it was easy to create a wsdl and convert the app to a web service.

"Second, as far as I understand, you have some classes providing some kind of services that are to be singletons. Are these classes to be used both by the web service and the application at the same time or are you converting the application to become a web service?"

Yes, the latter. I am converting the application to a web service.

What kind of services/functionality do these classes supply?
The singletons provide DB connections, RMI connection, Authentication, Validation Facotry etc

"If you are converting the application to become a web service, then you may consider using some kind of dependency injection framework and inject the singleton into all classes/components that are to use it."

The only dependency injection framework I am mildly familiar with is Spring.
So do you suggest that I convert my web service to a spring ws?

Once again, thanks for your comments.
14 years ago
Hello Ladies and Gents,

A bit of help please.

I have been asked to expose an application as a web service.
I used axis1 as the SOAP engine and tomcat as the container to create a wsdl and convert the app into a service.

Now, my application had a few auxiliary class implemented as singleton.
Given that the app now runs into a container, I would like to off load them onto a start up class that tomcat/axis provides.
However, owing to my limited knowledge of web services (my expertise is in core java), I can't seem to figure out how.

Any hints, tips would be much appreciated.

14 years ago