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Recent posts by Niranjan Bhat

Also you can use one of the java profilers to profile your application.
In these profilers, you can checkout the thread which is running for a lot of time and taking the most of CPU or the thread which is blocking other threads.
I will recommend you to use yourkityourkit java profiler, it is very intuitive and easy to setup.
Hey, you should check the yourkit profiler, it's very handy when you are running your software in a lab and want to connect the profiling tool and check the status of your java/j2ee application from a remote IP. Also i have nice and user friendly UI for check the app status in terms of memory, threads, etc.
However, I can't compare the tools here because I haven't used the other profiling tools.
You can get an evaluation version of yourkit and checkout.
9 years ago
Hi ,

Thanks for the response!
I am running the axis2 client inside Tomcat as a webapplication.

This web application is just using the contextInitailzed and destroyed callbacks from the servlet api.
Apart from this, I trigger the axis2 client in the webapplication using RMI calls from outside tomcat, and the client then sends webservice requests using random socket on the client side.
I have been asked to fix this random socket used by the client from within tomcat.
10 years ago
I am using Axis 2 webservices for some time now, as part of security hardening I need to fix and tell my webservice client users what are the sockets used by the axis2 webservice client to actually send the webservice request to the server.
Could you please let me know how to configure this ?
10 years ago
Hi all,
I am preparing for the SCBCD exam, and recently I found out that the exam that is offered by sun is for EJB V3.0 and I have been studying EJBV2.0.
Could some one please help me as to how can I upgrade myself eaisly so that I can learn only what was not there in EJB2.0 ?
Is there any book that will help people like me, that gives only details/differences between the two versions ?