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Mobile Gaming Development is hot nowdays.I'm really interested very much to learn it.This book could lead me to the path.
11 years ago
Got confirmation mail from SUN .Thanks to you all friends
Dear Friends

In Cert database I have seen It is displayed as SCEA part 3 results as P as Grade and Marks as 0
I hope it is usual for SCEA certification,I'm mailed to Sun about this and waiting for the reply.

For Part 2 Assignment should we need to include attributes and methods to the class diagram ? Becuase In SCEA -Cade book it is mentioned as "At this point, attributes and operations
have not been added to the classes because that information will be done during the
detailed design. This diagram just shows the basic classes that will be used in the system
to provide some structure and business rules. A detailed class diagram will be created by
the developers during the design of the system