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Recent posts by Alex gRin

I have a table that kind of looks like this

And another table that looks like this

What is the right query to take the firstname lastname from table one and insert it to table 2 so that the name matches with id and would look like this

I tried one query before but it does not matches the info

Thanks your suggestion worked fine but now I am face with different problem this code works fine

and I am trying to send it to another php/html page the problem is the JavaScript is not running everything else works fine
is there a way to do this

here is my ajax function which is on separate file specifically for calling files using ajax

is there a way to use this ajax to send the php function above with JavaScript working

Thanks in advance
and Thanks for all the support this site is providing while I work on this project
I would really appreciate any help I am new to web programming that may be the reason why I have so many questions.
Please help get value on click from table using java script

I have a table generated from mysql query I have a code that highlight the row on the mouse click it the JavaScript but I also want to get the value of the cells from the row that is highlighted I tried doing different stuff but I always get an error value undefined.

Here is my code

in the JavaScript function I not only want to get the row highlighted but I also want to get the values of the cell in a row on mouse click