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Recent posts by Tom Fillmore

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Don't know. Sorry. I'll try moving this thread to the IDEs forum, and we'll see whether anybody there knows.

Thanks! I've made some progress and have Eclipse w/ CDT stepping through the code. I cannot, however get my PECL extension to compile as part of the php project.
It's been a very long time since I did much C development and I'm trying to contribute to a PECL extension for PHP. PHP and the PECL extensions are written in C and I'd like to set up my dev environment so that I can use a nice IDE (like Eclipse) and debug my code, stepping through it within a nice GUI. I'm hoping to develop on a linux box (Ubuntu 10) rather than Windows.

The main issue I have is that I don't know how to configure Eclipse (with CDT) so that it runs the entire process: configure/make/make install and then allows me to step through my code within the Eclipse GUI IDE. I have managed to edit files and then build from the command line and then use GDB to step through the code, but that's *REALLY* tedious.

Also, the PHP source codebase is quite large and takes several minutes to build. I'm hoping I might be able to limit the build to just one particular extension rather than rebuilding the whole things.

Lastly, I'd like to avoid installing the new, possibly broken, code in order to run it. Unless I'm mistaken, the build process results in a binary being constructed in the source directory and I'd like to debug using that new binary before I bother to install it on my system.

Sorry if these questions seem really basic. Like I said, it's been awhile and I'm hoping to get back on the horse quickly.
Hi everyone:

My first post here. I'm a long-time PHP coder and I have limited experience with the Java ecosystem. I may soon begin work on a website project where the following platform elements must be supported.
1) JDK 1.5
2) Oracle DB
3) Weblogic server
4) Spring and Hibernate frameworks
5) Windows 2003 server

Having looked into it some, I know that weblogic and licensed versions of oracle DB are not cheap. The reason these techologies are demanded is because the client already has a pretty big website and it's what they currently use. However, the client's in-house development team has told me that it would be OK for me to use Apache, Tomcat (or Geronimo), and MySQL for my development server and possibly even the production server so long as I don't use anything tomcat- or mysql-specific and the project will also run on their system if they choose to take it in-house. The near-term plan is for us to requisition a server to host the site.

At any rate, rather than shelling out a fortune for all the expensive oracle stuff, I was wondering what the community here thought about me setting up a little linux server on my LAN for development:
* debian linux
* Apache 2.2
* Tomcat 6
* MySQL (whatever latest apt-get will give me on Debian)

I would also like to set up a dedicated server where I can publish the latest developments for the client to see. I was thinking we might also use this server to host the production site.

Obviously the big question is will code developed for my linux/apache stack on my LAN also run on the windows/oracle stack? Or am I shooting myself in the foot by using a linux machine on my LAN and publishing to a Windows Server 2003 machine? I've done this sort of thing in PHP before and been successful -- usually by defining system-specific constants all in one place.

Any insights, commentary, math equations, or thoughts are welcomed.
11 years ago