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Recent posts by Michael Zöller

I'm currently preparing for the exam. I don't think there are many differences between 4.2 and 4.3. for the changes are not many https://docs.spring.io/spring/docs/current/spring-framework-reference/html/new-in-4.3.html
3 years ago
I did my test today and prepared with the enthuware.com test database for 1Z0-813. Additionally I read a (german) book. Jeanne is right here: the difficulty lies in the detailed questions, overloaded methods on the new functional api etc. So for me the test database was crucial.

thank you. That was fast!

Hi all,
I am OCMJEA 5 and want to upgrade to version JEE 6. On the oracle page it states that an upgrade is possible from "Sun Certified Enterprise Architect (any version)" with 1Z0-807. Does anyone know if this is also true for OCMJEA 5.

Dannyf Soon wrote:

Michael Zöller wrote:

I'm working on it, too. And I think not only the UC-1 is confusing concerning the wording. I changed the domain model to meet my understanding and hope that's okay with the correctors. With the given domain model I could not work.

Thanks for your response Michael.

Please see the thread regarding changing domain model where Jeanne suggested 'Personally, I would recommend against changing something that fundamental to the business.'


Thanks for the advice. But not changing the model means changing (at least the wording) of the use-cases. I don't think the given model captures the business FH does. On the other hand I'd like it better if I'd not have to change the model that much, so I'll think about it again.

Jari Timonen wrote:Resubmitted. Made completely new Deployment diagram. Improved component and class diagram.

btw: very good site: uml diagrams

thanks for sharing your experience. Now we know that we have to be more careful on some of the diagrams, if we got an old assignment, too. You didn't know that, it 's just unfair.
Thumbs up for your resubmission

Dannyf Soon wrote:Hi Ranchers,

I've got question regarding the requirements for 3D Modelling Tool (a black box with xml as input and high quality model as output ) & Strong Visaul Feedback.

None of the use cases addresses these two requirements.

1. I think my component and deployment must adderess them.

2. But, for seqence diagram, can I just stick to the basic follow of uses cases and don't reflect the 3D modelling tool and visual feedback at all? Instead, I'll put as much description as possible in assumption to address them in detail. What do you think?

3. BTW, the use case only describes a successful path for an operation, e.g. "System checks for availability of the component". Can I only address that path in sequence diagram? Must I take care of the failure path or other alternative path as well?

Ranchers please share your opinion! Thanks!


I'm doing this assignment, too. :-)
1. Yes, I think so, too.
2. I think you can, however I extended one of the use cases to do the 3d-rendering.
3. Good point. It won't be wrong to adress the failure path, but the sequence diagrams only give 16 points altogether, so I don't think one has to do it.

Dannyf Soon wrote:Dear Ranchers,

Currently I'm working on the Factory Home assignment.

I think Component is Product too, like the house object. I made this conclusion based the UC-1 description as below:

" (after customer selects a specific component), System responds with the product detail and availability / applicability of the product, based on the current house design."

Here the word "product" appeared twice. Does it implay that the component is a product too? Agree?

The confusing domain module really gave me headache for a week. I'll appreciate any comments.

Looking forward to your response.


I'm working on it, too. And I think not only the UC-1 is confusing concerning the wording. I changed the domain model to meet my understanding and hope that's okay with the correctors. With the given domain model I could not work.

will myers wrote:Last week I sent the following email to Oracle:

Thanks for sharing!
Just confirming: there is no upgrade exam from SCWCD JEE5 to the new OCPJWCD JEE6?

Sharma Ashutosh wrote: Why should there be any change in the email ID-it's @oracle.com - change is from Prometric to Pearson and nothing in terms of email Id for assignment submission.

Ah, I finally found it (on the first page). You're probably right but still...

Nilessh Ganu wrote:
Thanks Sitaram, that's a useful information.
But I am still worried about the case when I download the assignment now and submit the assignment after 31 May 2011.
I have written another mail to Oracle Customer Support asking if we can send the the assignment to email listed under(https://ibt1.prometric.com/oracle) after 31st May 2011.


I did the same thing (bought assignment at prometric cause I could not find it under my new Pearson web account) and will not be ready beford 31 May 2011. So I would be interested in the answer the'll give you.
Another thing: I did not notice an email to send my completed assignment to. Where do I find it?

I got a big struts 1.2 application. I'd like to switch to a more modern framework. The best would be to migrate step by step. So, has anyone of you successfully switched from Struts 1.x to 2.x? Like switching page by page with Struts 1.x and Struts 2.x working together? How?
10 years ago
I'm using a utility project that takes hold of different jars that are used by some of my dynamic web projects. To do this you have to add the jars on the classpath (project properties) and you had to check the jar on the JEE module dependency page. For eclipse helios I can't find this page anymore in the project properties. Does anyone of you know to where this page is gone?