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Recent posts by MobTechie Test

Distribute your Java app in India through Samsung Fun Club

Through its SMI Program (, Samsung seems to be launching a Java App Store in India – as part of the Samsung Fun Club (
This might probably be the first time Samsung phone users in India will be able to download Java apps at the same place they go for their wallpaper, ring-tones and other mobile content – Usually though Samsung phones support Java, its users never got to download Java apps through them.

This was apparently announced to the core members of SMI in a recent meeting (§ion=S182) that happened recently.

Through a core member that attended this meeting, I heard that they are looking for
• J2ME-based application
• Small file size for easy download over the GPRS network
• Free , with no cost to the consumer (trial/lite versions seem acceptable)
• Content relevant to an Indian audience

I guess it is not restricted to core members alone. Anyone who has an application that fits in with the criteria above should be able to submit. Looks like they will close the submissions by 04-December, since they plan to work closely with every developer and even test all apps.

Try your look sending your proposal to

Some questions that popped in my mind and possible answers too ;D

• Is this same as Samsung Application Store? (
I guess NO. Samsung Application Store distributes Symbian and Windows Mobile content, No Java ME at all there! This SFC thing should be for J2ME apps!

• Why only India?
Probably the Indian teams are doing it as a trial launch.

• Why not paid applications?
No answer to this – but they seem OK with Trial / Lite versions. So we can always redirect the user to our site and make them buy

12 years ago