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kavita s. kumar

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since Oct 26, 2001
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Recent posts by kavita s. kumar

Same with me, I supposed to appear exam today .. I called testing center yesterday to confirm the exam. They said that the institute is closed today till july 6th.. I tried to contact with pometric center for this miscommunication . The poemetric service sucks. They did'nt even send me email or phone call about closing the testing center.I'm totally pissed off now. I can't take even july 7th they said all the testing center are not conducting the exams.. my bad luck..i think i should take real exam..

Originally posted by raghuveer rawat:
hi all
Same is the story with me.
I got voucher on 20 June and registered for 27th June but When I actually reached prometric center to take this exam, I came to know that this particular prometric center is not authorized to conduct this beta exam.
I tried to register with another center but they told that registration are closed as 400 registrations have been made. but after two day I got another email from this particular prometric center that registration are again open so I can take exam. yesterday I again filled the registration form and send to this prometric center. but today I got another email stating that registrations can not be made as sun has reached its target. so my registration got rejected.
This is a very frustrating experience for me.
what I can conclude from this episode that either sun should have dispatched only 600 vouchers or if they have dispatched 600+ voucher than first 600+ should be able to take the exam, not first 600 registrations.
Now what sun can do at this stage is to allow all the persons who hold the valid vouchers and have put a lot of efforts in prepration of this exam to take the exam till 7th July.
Evelyn, Please do something in this matter.

does any one know how long it takes to get the url and password needed to be able to download the logo after sending the singed logo conract.
18 years ago
Hi Javaranchers,
i am from electrical Engg.SCJP, Trying to search for jobs in S/W in U.S.A, what is the best option to go about, Can anyone suggest me where can i find some projects to try with to get some hands on experience, Thanks
18 years ago
HI shah
i think RHE alone is not suffiient atlest for some topics which could have been explained well in other books..
Do as many mock exams as possible but good ones, not can help u learn more jawaroski, Marcus, Abhilasha's, jtips, javaprepare, RHE,john hunt's, go4java..
donn't worry they will just test your basic knowledge..

good Luck
18 years ago
Thanks Leena for your Clarifiation
18 years ago
i think i left around 10-12 questions marked but choosing the answers ..later i verified them, but forgot to uncheck the checkbox they will be remaining as unanswered i that case i would have lost around 10-15% additional marks..i am feeling so bad..
is there anyway to chek with Sun??
18 years ago
passed the eXam with 72% today..
can anyone please let me know what happens ..
if u have choosen the the corret answer for a question but may be not sure & would have marked them for 2nd verification..& forgot to unmark it before submitting.
will it be considered as not answered or anyway since the answers were chosen will it be considered as answered?
please let me know
18 years ago
I cheked the ode ans is the same.. in either case how return -1 is reached..not return 0??
Also i have more question if exception is thrown in hek lass what will happen?
cWhat will be output if you try to compile and run the following code, but there is
no file called Hello.txt in the current directory?.
public class Mine {
public static void main(String argv[]){
Mine m=new Mine();
public int amethod() {
try {
FileInputStream dis=new FileInputStream("Hello.txt");
}catch (FileNotFoundException fne) {
System.out.println("No such file found");
return -1;
}catch(IOException ioe) {
} finally{
System.out.println("Doing finally");
return 0;
1) No such file found
2 No such file found ,-1
3) No such file found, Doing finally, -1
4) 0
Ans is 3..
an anybody let me know what happens to return 0 ??
could u eplain me how Base(){}??
since floater ia an object of wrapper it not we are converting an object to an object?
Consider the following code:
1. Object ob = new Object();
2. String stringarr[] = new String[50];
3. Float floater = new Float(3.14f);
5. ob = stringarr;
6. ob = stringarr[5];
7. floater = ob;
8. ob = floater;
it says Changing an Object to a Float (in line 7 )is going "down" the inheritance hierarchy tree, so an explicit cast is required.
please explain
Consider the following class definition:
1. public class Test extends Base {
2. public Test(int j) {
3. }
4. public Test(int j, int k) {
5. super(j, k);
6. }
7. }
Which of the forms of constructor must exist explicitly in the definition of the Base class?
an anyone solve my prob
my question is
overridden method must not throw any exception which is not
thrown by overridden method
is it true..
i feel overriden method should not throw any checked exception which is not thrown by overridden method
i am right
thanks in advance
the following ode doesn't give any byte accepts an int

public class AnotherDirtyOne
private final int i =10;
private byte k = i;

thans in advance