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Recent posts by Chris Kie

Thanks a lot for your help ;)

everything works fine so far ...

12 years ago
Thank you very much

I'm trying this out tomorrow, hope i get it running

but now is partytime (22:45)

12 years ago
no i don't have Jboss in action ...

i would be very glad if you could walk me through all the steps ...
12 years ago

is this method only to pass on username and password ?

Is it possible to secure all EJB's at once or do i have to secure
each EJB on it's own with

I think i do need this auth.conf for JAAS .. ??!?!??

12 years ago
hi Peter

Yes this up there is clientcode.

I want to validate username and password before any lookup is done.

In other words securing Jboss with username and password stored in a database
that you can't do a lookup on a Bean before passing a validation.

Sorry for my bad english.

12 years ago
The best way to explain this is showing it in praktice

auth.conf file

thanks for your help
12 years ago
Hi all,

I'm writing an application and I'm using Jboss5.1.0

Security is an important thing now a days so also for my application.
I have tried lots of tutorials and examples but nothings works in the way i want it to.

THE QUESTION: Is it possible to secure the lookup ?

I already tryed some things by using JAAS and DatabaseServerLoginModul but this doesn't work

thanks for your help and your know how ;)

greez Chris

12 years ago
All in all I don't think that this is the problem ...
why i don't get an transaction manager with the DatabaseServerLoginModule ...
I'm passing these properties through Eclipse Run-configuration VM-arguments (I think eclipse is using this to preform to command line )

You are right java.naming.factory.initial shoudl be org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContextFactory but it this is overwritten in my main

How do i use an file ... how does this look like and where i do i have to put this ?
is it nessesary to config anything ?

thanks for your help and happy new year ;)
I'm using the following properties

i have tried several things ... the final version that doesn't work the way i want it to is


the auth.conf file looks like

I have also tried this link and used ClientLoginModule in front of the DatabaseServerLoginModule ;(
Example for auth.conf

thanks for your help ...
Hi volks

i want to do a secure lookup from a standalone client

but here i get the exception Unable to get Transaction Manager ....


What is worng ??
Has anyone an idea to do this in a different way ??

greez Chris
Hi there

I'm using Jboss5.1 with Postgre DB my database works fine with jboss
and i'm prgramming a standaloneclient.

my problem is that i can't use the DatabaseServerLoginModule in my auth.conf

when I'm using client-login there is no problem because sofar I know does ClientLoginModule always return true.
but When I'm using stpSecurity i get


hope you can help me ...
here is more detailed information


HOPE anyone can help me ;)

12 years ago