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Recent posts by Yasser Ibrahim

Hello Shoukat,

My congratulations for clearing SCEA Part 1.

I do really appreciate your positive feedback about your experience with our SCEA online mock exams.

I depend on members opinion to measure the reach and quality of our material.

Shoukat, I noticed that JavaChamp link in your post is broken,

Would you please amend it? Just to avoid an embarrassing "page not found" error

Here is the link again:


many thanks and best wishes,


8 years ago
hi guys,

static blocks in java are used to do some initialization that may not be appropriate inside a constructor,
and as any other block, what is declared inside a block is used only inside that block (scope)

main() cannot see the "x" in the static block.

here is the link for this question for further discussion:


you may also have a look at the explanation and the comments from our members.

best wishes,

But class Vehicle has no idea about interface Colorable

Hi Shailesh

Your analysis is absolutely correct.

I attached a UML class diagram that depicts the class inheritance for clarity.

Best Wishes

JavaChamp Team
Hello Promila,

We added recently a new feature to post inquiries or comments to each question (look for the happy face below each question .

This will enable each user to follow the discussion thread related to this question.


Best Regards,

JavaChamp Team
Hi guys,

I checked the first question you are talking about, and you are right, it was ambiguous and needed more clarification. Therefore I updated it accordingly:


and I also added another question concerning inner class modifiers :


Thank you all guys, we really rely on your remarks and feedback to improve our website.

JavaChamp Team

Hello Coderanch(ers)

I would like to consult the coderanch community on how you regard the value of the online mock exams as compared to the study guide book and /or desktop preparation kits.

In fact, last year I went through the same process of searching the web for resources, to prepare for the SCJP certification, that was the reason I started the JavaChamp.com project.

In a short time JavaChamp.com has served thousands of exams all over the world, and now it's time to reflect on the last year lessons, and take the chance to ask you for what did you like most, what do you consider is the most important feature(s), and what we can do better for you?

Your feedback will definitely help us to improve further.

Best regards,


Hi Ankit, Ulf,

I do have a question.

How can I get JavaChamp.com listed in the Mock Exam List page?

Best Regards.


Hello Everyone,

The JavaChamp.com Team has added bunch of Generics questions to our SCJP question bank.

Start practicing online SCJP exams now: http://www.javachamp.com/

Best wishes,

JavaChamp.com Team

Hello Coderanch(ers),

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* JavaChamp.com provides a web interface for the Java™ community to learn,interact and certify its acquired java experience.
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Best Regards,

JavaChamp.com Team