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Recent posts by mimi mang

Sam Kong Goo wrote:Hi mimi mang,

May I know the contact number to request for certification kit?

Thank you.

SamKong Goo

I don't have their contact number either. Seems they just publish their email regarding such certification inquiry.

I have sent them email over 10 days, but no any reply yet.
Hello guys,

I have tried to explore all possible contents at www.certmanager.net/sun and find such information:

Exam Detail for mi mang
Posted Date/Time: Jan 30, 2010 7:35:10 AM
Description: Result for exam (310-062) Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5 - Essay Exam.
Exam Result Details:
Testing Center Id: on209
Exam Series #: 310-062
Exam Name: (310-062) Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5 - Essay Exam
Exam Date: 1/29/10
Grade: Taken
Exam History Events
Change Type User Event Date/Time
Created genericImportUser Jan 30, 2010 7:35:10 AM

There is no any record after Jan 30. That meant it does not synchronize the records of Grade "P" on Feb.5 which was in www.certmanager.net/sun_assignment

So I guess I should be ok but need contact them for the certificate kit.

Thank all you guys!

Nice weekend
Thanks for your message which make me feel better. But the time (9 weeks) has passed almost double of what they claimed for the certification process. They even don't reply my email that i sent last week. Hope everything is fine and no joke there.

I am crossing my fingers to wait the good news comes.

Thank you very much!
Hello everyone,

I have taken the third part essay exam on Jan.29, 2010. And I got an updated message from https://www.certmanager.net/sun_assignment on Feb. 5, 2010:
Test: Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE 5, Part 3 (310-062)
Date Taken: 2010-02-05 18:00:01.023
Registration Number: *******(mask it)
Site: on209
Grade: P
Score: 0
Comment: n/a

So I thought I have passed SCEA. However, I have not received my certification package yet after finished it 9 weeks. So I sent who2contact@sun.com to inquiry, There is no body give me any feedback.

But today, I accessed another https://www.certmanager.net/sun, it said I have attempted the exam but not pass.

Even I was failed, I should get the information of which part failed for the exam. However, I have never got any message for them. I remember when I purchase the exam voucher, they reply quickly.....

What should I do now?

Thank you guys
A is correct.
the subscription is just a configuration that will not be lost no matter server goes down or not
But the message may be lost if the subsciption is not a durable subscription.
SSL works at TCP layer, HTTP works at Application layer. HTTPS is HTTP over SSL. Then you know what will be encrypted.
According to my experience, I think you are ready to do part2 assignment right now if you are familiar with one of the UML tools.

Hello Ranchers,

I have seen one line from cert manager that shows:

Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE 5, Part 3 (310-062) grade is P and score is 0

The score is 0 but grade is pass, however, there is no history of Part2 of the assignment.

Who can confirm this is complete history or whatelse? I can't wait the answer! I have spent lots of time on the assignment.

Thank you in advance and all ranchers in this web site and the site author. Without your help, I can't believe I am able to achieve such grade!

Thanks a lot, I just tried to compress the picture with photoshop and it reduced to ideal size without quality impact.


mi mang
Hello Ranchers,

I am trying to upload my assignment which is large as 3M because the big JPG pictures generated by startUML. I found some people said it should be less than 1M. Who can confirm this issue for me?

I think the same way as this. Although only the FaceServlet on your diagram, but by reference it, that means a lot, because behind of this, the framework or design pattern solve lots of problems that otherwise you have to do your own. As long as there is an user interface requirment, you need consider MVC, which is compsed of a set of core classes and other set of helpful utilites around the core.

The same principal fo other parts. You should not invent your own wheel as long as there are proven product off the shelf that can fit your situation. For example, you need handle transaction and security, EJB is perfect candidate to do it other than you do it yourself, EJB is another kind of framework for business tier. JPA is also a framework for persistence tier.

The framework and design pattern are everywhere. our tasks are how to use them and why use them in such way.
Java Adventure Builder and Pet Store are still 2 good reference because the design principals are still valid.

You can use your own framework for some reason. But as an architect, the rue of thumb is try to use the existing proven framework because of principal of "use the product off the shelf"

As long as you provide the required stuff, It's up to you to provide other stuff of your style if you think it help you to present your design more clearly.

My opinion but not an certified architect
Hello everyone,

I have this question is because many people said keep your modle simple and it's not a real world project, even the book author said this. I understand the point but I still hesitate whether we need consider the extensibility of the system we architect. if needed, in what level of such extensibility need to be considered?

For example(real case in my experience), When I try to renew my car sticker with govenment online service, I can only buy one each time. So I have to input the required identical information for many times because I need buy many stickers. They may not consider the case that I am a company customer who need renew many cars of the company and they may suppose each family just have one car to renew at a time.

Anyway, (I suppose) their order and orderItem maybe one to one relation. However, as an architect, do you need consider such extensibility by design association relation of order/orderItem as one to many so it can handle the case of one order contain multiple orderItems? Anyway, the one to one may satisfy their current requirement.

What do you think regarding the extensibility consideration in the assignment?
Seems JAX-WS 2.0 have no standard way to set timeout in a client call. The client is implemented with Session Bean. When I google on this, only Sun's Referenced Implementation has a specific BindingProvider property setting about the connection and request timeout. If I have my own thread to monitor this timeout event, it is not suggested in EJB container to have your own thread. What should I do regarding this because I must have a solution instead of just waitting the response or get any exception there. The EJB Timer is not accurate on millinon seconds and is suggested use on long running processes other than such instant calls.

Any ideas is appreciated!


Congratulations Jonathan! According to the messages you are writing here, I believe you can pass it for sure.