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I'm developing a Webapp in Netbeans which calls an external WebService.
I have imported the wsdl file, generated JAX-RPC stub( Right click on Project / WebService Client...), and set the message payload for the WS call.
Is it possible to log(save) the outgoing Request message?
Here is the generated stub and the message.
I want to save the outgoing SOAP message in a Database, and of course the Response message too.

Thanks for helping!
14 years ago

I'd like to write in JSF a simpler online banking webapplication in which you can transfer amount, check your balance, and modify your account details( address, reachability, name..). There's also a login page.
Each of these operations would invoke a webservice. I have already got the WSDLs,XSDs.
After you logged in you can choose these 3 operations.
e.g. If you click on "check your balance" link, it'll invoke CheckYourBalanceService, and a SOAP Request message will be sent to the endpoint with the accountID used for login in it. In the response message will be an accountee's balance belonging to the requested accountID and you'll get the CHECKyourBalance.jsp page.
Login method is also a webservice call.

How should I process the outgoing/incoming SOAP messages ? I've read about JAXB, StAx, DOM, but which is the optimal in my case? Any suggestion?
(I used to test the webservice invoking only with a simple SOAP message created as a string, then used Dispatch<Source> for the endpoint calling. I could write out the response as string, but neither validating nor processing the response XML.( It was just for testing the webservice endpoint (calling it from J2ee ))

Each operation has also a Stateless Session bean in which the webservice callings take place and (the XML processing would be, I think).
I've created the managed beans for each pages/operations so far.
And now the questions, if I may.
I'm a bit confused, because Stateless Session beans are for HTTP calls. Right?
So these managed beans calling the webservice with the inputText values will only use Request scope and the Login(ManagedBean) used for the login-and-password-value would be in SessionScope? If I see it in the right way?

why do i need to store the user and his/her stuffs, when this application "only" calls webservices ? Or should I use/ should I store users? How should I use JPA entities for storing the users in a database?
If I'm only working with the data of the response message or just sending the typed values to the webservices...

And a strict requirement: 2 users with the same login/pass in application at a time is forbidden
How can I work this 2 man in one place situation out?

Any help/suggestion appreciated!
Thanks for reading it!

14 years ago