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Some people have posted the comparison here so it is not necessary to debate on the advantages of the 2 versions of Struts. As the one who used to use both Struts1 and Struts2, I feel very comfortable with Webwork (Struts2). Yes, ones can still use Windows 98 while others enjoy their life with XP and Windows 7.

Ulf Dittmer wrote:It's worth noting that while Struts 1 had a large market share in its time, Struts 2 doesn't have anywhere near as much. Many more frameworks are available and in use today, and it's unlikely that any particular one will become as widely used as Struts 1 was.

This is I think just a time matter. As yes that there are so many frameworks for the same purpose, some frameworks could never get momentum. But Struts2 is a different case. Do you think any reasons behind the fact that Struts creator decided to merge with Webwork to become Struts2? Struts2 is almost 90% based on webwork
Yes, Spring+Hibernate+Struts2 (not Struts) is worth to learn

gudim gudi wrote:Hi,

I read somewheere as

'Hibernate is not the best solutions for data centric applications that only uses the stored-procedures to implement the business logic in database. '

I was not clear on above statement. Any ideas, suggestions, links, resources, sample code highly appreciated.Thanks in advance

This statement is true as Hibernate can not process batch sql statement as in store procedure. Loading data from database and fetching into objects, and saving the objects to database after all, Hibernate is absolutely not a fast and effective way to process many database updates at the same time.
I think osgi is so simple and easy to use. It is not very different from traditional Java applications. What is the barrier here is, I think, the learning curve to get started with OSGI. Given that documents and sample applications in OSGI is so limited.
I was also very confused with so many Java frameworks available. But the more you hear about frameworks, you have more confusion. If you are student and you have free time for testing and experiment, try to run some simple hello world app in each framework. To Java frameworks with similar functionality, some are popular than others [popular means the framework have many users]. Using popular frameworks, you have greater chance to receive supports from frameworks communities and may be easy to find a job with skills you gain during using frameworks.

From my experience, those following are popular:
- For bean management: Spring, de-factor standard
- For ORM: Hibernate
- For MVC: Webwork+Velocity (now Strut2), SpringMVC. I think webwork+velocity is the best combination. It is so simple to have a view with Velocity template.

For modular design: It is very important for you as a architect from the beginning seriously think of modular design. It helps to reduce complexity of your application, leverage concurrent development.
- maven module: maven also supports modular design but I feel this is so complex.
- osgi approach: according to what documented in osgi website and forum, I think this is worth a try. Publishing a module in osgi is no more than just registering an osgi service.
Started with OSGI and Spring DM just some months ago, 2 students guided by me are now working on building an OSGI - Spring DM application for inpatient management.
At the beginning phase of this project, we felt very difficult to find a sample project built on OSGI to refer. Not all of tutorial samples available on the Internet works. However, we are making some progress now. At the end of this month, we hope to complete the project. Source code will be published for OSGI community.