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Recent posts by Raju Champaklal

dude...here the zebra class inherits the member string variable name from its parent class...and you are free to redefine it in your own class if you want....the only difference between inheriting superclass instance methods and variables is that overriding rules only apply to methods and not to variables....and m.name calls the mammals class variable because which instance variable to call depends on the reference variable.....and m.makeNoise() calls the method of zebra becuase which method to call depends on the object at runtime....
dont worry they wont....
what if they lock your account....
nice change of name.....but do look out for moderators warnings ....oops i hope this post doesn't increase the chance for that

and yes it certainly helped me get out

Cameron Wallace McKenzie wrote:No increase for me. I keep asking for a raise, and they keep telling me to use Vectors instead.

-Cameron McKenzie

14 years ago
dude atleast there is no negative marking if you select a wrong option....if you see everywhere all the objective type exams have negative marking....thank god for this
getting a negative mark(deducting marks) if you get a question wrong...this does not include not answering the question
answer to both your questions is no.....the answer should be fully correct....and no negative marking
Ankit you are a star...you have helped many through with scjp..
even khalid mughals book is awesome...i loved the way generics and collections and OOPS is given in it.....loved the questions in it too
after scmad i will go for scwcd for sure....i already know a lot of j2me....and want to get as many certificates as possible...because feb march would be our placement week...
hey Ankit welcome back after so many days...
i payed using paypal....i dont have a scanner at home..so my dad would be taking the scanned copy of my college id card...then i would be mialing it to sun...then within 3-4 days ( they said) they will sending me the voucher...
dude just email to sun your name and other things since india is not included in the website...email is provided there....you will get the response in a week...you will be then given a unique id....