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Recent posts by Joe Ess

Lahouari Bendriss wrote:
The console reports this error: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.struts2.dispatcher.filter.StrutsPrepareAndExecuteFilter

This error tells us that the web container either can't find Struts or one of its dependencies.

Lahouari Bendriss wrote:
When I fixed this by adding Struts 2 to be exported in /WEB-INF/lib tomcat failed to start with the error message Could not launch in profiling mode because no profilers are configured.

That sounds like you are attempting to start Tomcat through Eclipse using a profiler plugin like TPTP, but you haven't set up TPTP correctly.

Learning how to program while simultaneously learning how to use an IDE is a big learning curve.  I'd recommend simplifying things and working with a text editor and the command line to start.  Try the first 3 steps in the Tomcat manual, then, once you have that working, try adding Struts to that application.  Once you are comfortable with that, try it in an IDE.
1 week ago

Liutauras Vilda wrote:

Jan de Boer wrote:For me it is always the name of one certain secret lover I had.

Since passwords need to be changed, you must have a big database.

If you need to change your password, you just have another secret affair!
Seriously, I use a password manager (Password Safe) and I don't use "real" data for those questions.  Way too easy for someone to figure out those answers in the age of social media.
1 week ago
My boys said "She's cool", so you got that going for you!
BTW, nothing wrong with Ant.  I actually prefer explicit configuration over implicit  
3 weeks ago
I'm not familiar with PyCharm (I usually use a text editor and the command line) so I downloaded it and took a look.  The "venv" directory is the "virtual environment", which I assume is a virtual machine where PyCharm executes one's code see here.  The other directories, Include, Lib, Scripts and tcl, appear to mirror the directories in a Python install.  This makes sense that the virtual environment would contain a Python install. 
Since I don't use an IDE, I always put Python files in the same directory (you don't need a "src" directory because there's nothing to compile so there won't be a "build" dir).  If you right-click on a project name and click New -> File, it puts the file under "venv", which I assume is the root directory of the project.
There's a guided tour here which may help with your understanding of the GUI and get you off on the right foot.
4 weeks ago

Paul Clapham wrote:Not me. Too far above my risk tolerance level.

I concur.  Bitcoin has serious problems.  First off, the fees for doing transactions are skyrocketing .  While a $20 transaction fee might not be a big deal if one is moving a kilo of cocaine, for more mundane transactions, it is a serious impediment.  Also, transactions are not instantaneous. This means, with a wildly fluctuating value, by the time one receives their bitcoin, it may not be worth what they requested.  And with the rapidly increasing value, people are less likely to actually use the currency as currency (exchanging it rather than sitting on it).  In my own estimation, these issues make Bitcoin effectively worthless for its own purported function. 
As for bemoaning the fact that there are bitcoin millionaires and I'm not one of them, I've missed plenty of speculation opportunities (I was an early fanboy of Amazon - before one could safely transmit a credit card information across the internet! - and I sat out that IPO). I have no regrets because I've never had to lay awake at night wondering when the bubble was going to pop!  My portfolio is boring and profitable.
1 month ago
Have a look at the DatePicketTag documentation.  There are several promising options, like maxDate, which sets the maximum selectable date.
1 month ago
Do you mean what you do to learn python or what you do with python?
If it's the former, there's tutorials at the main Python site.  There's a free book I found very helpful: Think Python
If it's the latter, only you can answer that question!
1 month ago

David Clark wrote:
I can't decide!

Yes, there is no simple answer other than trying out a few tools and seeing what works best for you.
2 months ago
Looking at the documentation, it appears you'd need to do something like this:

2 months ago
Correct.  If you want to do a comparison, for example, iterate through a range until you get x == 1, you can do something like this:

See here for more information
2 months ago

David Clark wrote:I have a Mac mini with version 2.7.1 of python installed.
The current version of Python is 3.6. The latest version of Jython was released in May 2015.

When Python 3 was announced, it broke several parts of the language in order to streamline future development.  Python 2.7.x is still maintained to provide backward compatibility.

David Clark wrote:
Can I install the latest version of Python over the installed version or must I uninstall the current version of Python?

If you installed Python 3, it would be in parallel to the 2.7 version. 

David Clark wrote:
I'm a bit confused as to the Jython/Python relationship. I know that the Jython/Python syntax is identical.

Is Jython the same language as Python?

Yes. Jython is an implementation of the Python language for the Java platform. Jython 2.7 implements the same language as CPython 2.7, and nearly all of the Core Python standard library modules. (CPython is the C implementation of the Python language.) Jython 2.7 uses the same regression test suite as CPython, with some minor modifications.

There are a number of differences. First, Jython programs cannot currently use CPython extension modules written in C. These modules usually have files with the extension .so, .pyd or .dll. If you want to use such a module, you should look for an equivalent written in pure Python or Java. However, it is technically feasible to support such extensions, as demonstrated by IronPython. For the next release of Jython, we plan to support the C Python Extension API.

There are a number of other differences between the two implementations that are unlikely to go away. These range from the trivial - Jython's code objects currently do not have a co_code attribute because it is not possible to directly access Java bytecode from a class, without loading the file; to the significant - Jython uses Java's true garbage collection rather than Python's reference counting scheme.

David Clark wrote:
Is the current version of Python compatible with the "current" version of Jython?

Jython 3.x development is in progress.

Jython 2.7.0 was released on May 3, 2015. Jython 2.7.1 release candidates will be released soon (September 2015).

David Clark wrote:
Since I have a Mac, is it possible to write a Python program on my Mac that will run on a Windows PC?

For the most part, yes. Be aware that there are some thing that differ between OS's, for example GUI libraries, that can cause problems for cross-platform programs.
2 months ago

fred rosenberger wrote:
My wife got a false positive once for something, and they've banned her from donating. We know it was a false positive, because she's had the test re-done by her doctor a few times, and it came back negative each time. 

I got a false positive as well.  It is possible (at least in my case) to get un-banned, but I found the process to be too inconvenient for now.
2 months ago