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Recent posts by Joe Ess

The Struts textfield field is connected to the Struts framework.  If you had a textfield declared as such:

Struts will expect the Action that preceded the JSP page to have a field with the same name (and a method "getFirstName").  That way, the Action can retrieve values to set on the JSP should you be editing a known value.  Struts also adds some functionality to form tags.  For example, by default it wraps a field in table tags, which is useful in typical use cases.
See the Tag Syntax  and the Tag Developer's Guide for more information.
You can use regular HTML tags with Struts but I believe you have to jump through some hoops to get the framework to recognize the field when it is submitted.
21 hours ago
Thanks for confirming my suspicions, Tim.
22 hours ago
I am updating an application to the newest version of Struts.  I deploy the application to Tomat 9.0.8 by copying the WAR file into the $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps directory.  When the application redeploys, Tomcat displays an error:

The weird thing is, the 1-physician directory is the temp directory for the old version of the application. If I look in that directory, most of the application files have been deleted except web/WEB-INF/lib, which contains all the dependency JAR files except for that one.  There will be a new temp directory, in this case, 3-physician, created for the new deployment with all the application files.
After this, the application throws a bunch of exceptions if I try to access pages:

I have to restart Tomcat to get the application to run again.  Deploying the application in this way was never an issue before.  Any ideas as to why now?
4 days ago
Better than some things I imagine...
5 days ago

Henry Wong wrote:

Joe Ess wrote:Still trying to justify your hobby to us, Henry?  

Hee hee... 

My boys and I made a second pass at playing it about a year ago.  It was fun for a little bit, but then I came to the conclusion that I really don't like the grind of keeping my phone on everywhere we walk and having to defeat the same gyms (often the same people's pokemon's) and spin flippin pokestops every day.  
But you do you!
6 days ago

Pete Letkeman wrote:
Side note: I may not be a typical user:

  • I can remember Windows 3.1 and DOS 5.
  • I know about RAM, hard drive speed etc.

  • Same here.  Sometimes I long for the configuration flexibility of a good autoexec.bat. 
    That said, I use Linux and use virtual desktops occasionally.  The typical use case is that I'm in battle mode with a problem on a server.  I will have multiple xterms open for the misbehaving server and one or two other (presumably correctly functioning) servers, each server segregated in its own desktop.  That way I'm not losing a particular server's xterm in the pile or accidentally typing commands into production when I intended to bring test down (not that I have ever done such a thing...  )
    I haven't had any problems with things slowing down, which is really impressive since I have to run Linux in a VM on my work computer.  Of course, most of the applications are actually running on the server (X11 Forwarding is a wonderful thing!).
    1 week ago
    Still trying to justify your hobby to us, Henry?  
    1 week ago
    One of my favorite books!
    1 week ago
    This error:

    The Struts dispatcher cannot be found.  This is usually caused by using Struts tags without the associated filter. 

    is caused by trying to load a JSP page (i.e. using a URL that ends in "jsp"). You should be using a URL that corresponds to a Struts action (i.e. ending in ".do" or ".action").
    Take a look at the example here and note the configuration file in Step 6 contains an "action" with the name "index".  Then look at the URL in Step 7, where it ends with "index.action".
    2 weeks ago
    I seem to recall that the Equifax breach wasn't a problem with Struts per se, but one of the Apache libraries it depends on (S2-045 or S2-046 perhaps?).  But yea, Apache seems to have some quality/security problems.
    Seeing as how people are still posting on this forum for Struts 1.x support, it really concerns me that there are some applications out there that aren't being kept up to day.  I'm sure we'll see some more exploits like Equifax in the future.  
    1 month ago

    Gary Moffat wrote:Not at all, I can and do plan my own life and lifestyle. I just have a few hours now and then waiting in hotel rooms and airports when it would be interesting to chat with people. I begin to be sorry I started this thread.

    I apologize.  I was trying to stir up some humor in your original post.  The name of this forum is "Meaningless Drivel", after all.
    1 month ago

    Gary Moffat wrote:I am a professional planner...What shall we do?

    Let me get this straight, you are a professional planner, yet you can't figure out how to plan your life so you have the lifestyle you aspire to?
    1 month ago
    Welcome to the Ranch.  I added Code Tags to your post to make your code easier to read.
    Speaking of which, that's a whole heap of undocumented code with variable names that don't mean anything to me and I really can't make heads or tails of what it is supposed to do or where it could go wrong.  My advice would be to whittle down the problem as much as possible.  Start with a simple, stand-alone cost calculation routine and add variables/data inputs one at a time.  If you Isolate the Problem, you'll probably discover the solution yourself and if you don't, you'll make it easier for us to help you.
    1 month ago
    Welcome to the Ranch.  I think the introductory documentation on interceptors and the example of how to write one are pretty straightforward.  Have you given it a try?
    1 month ago