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Ramasamy Anbalagan

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Recent posts by Ramasamy Anbalagan

Hey Deepak,

Thanks for quick turn around on this.

I believe the document was not created by iText. It was published through some tool i think.

I have investigated something on this issue like "trailer" would be part of the PDF Spec which would be added to the document @ the time of creation. Suspecting document not created properly...I am not sure on this.
Do you have any idea how we can see the “trailer” on PDF Spec.

8 years ago
Hello guys,

I have been receiving below error while reading pdf document using iText api.

------ trailer not found.
at com.lowagie.text.pdf.PdfReader.rebuildXref(Unknown Source)
at com.lowagie.text.pdf.PdfReader.readPdf(Unknown Source)
at com.lowagie.text.pdf.PdfReader.<init>(Unknown Source)
at com.lowagie.text.pdf.PdfReader.<init>(Unknown Source)
at com.emc.documentum.pss.common.pdfapi.itext.PssESignGeneratorItext.addESignPages(

Code line:

FileInputStream fileInputStream = new FileInputStream(signPdfName);
srcPDFReader = new PdfReader(fileInputStream); <Exception throwing on this line>.

Can any one help on this, how to resolve this issue.

It has been working for some pdf files and not working for some files.

8 years ago

Can any one help me on the above task..

8 years ago
That font was included for chinease character not for all characters. since we are not able to set the font for character specific, we were set the font like those and tried whether those font is supporting all other characters.

Have you tried a "universal" font like Arial Unicode MS (or some such name, it comes with Microsoft Office)?

>>Also i dind't try this font.. i believe we need CMap names for apply those font on below

BaseFont.createFont("Arial Unicode MS ", ? , BaseFont.NOT_EMBEDDED)
8 years ago

Sorry folks for the late response!!!

i have been tested this scenario with below code,

Testing Results is,

1. With Chinese in place, some of European characters has been disappear and Chinese character is displaying as expected.
2. With Japanese in place, we could see things working well (some of the European character only we tested, it's all coming). I am not sure whether other than tested character will display while using Japanese font and Japanese characters is displaying as expected
3. With Korean in place, we couldn’t see any of the European characters and Korean characters is displaying as expected

My requirement is, we want write it all together with European language characters.

Hope you will understand my issue. Can someone point me how to resolve this.
8 years ago
Thanks Ove for have look on my request..

hey i can able to write by specifying font for particular locale...

but i my case, i dont want to write characters for particular locale.. my customer might have differenct language characters as value...i need to write all those on pdf

for example,

the value might be like this... "MyTest ä, ü, ö, ç, ê, 汉字"

The above string contains englisht and all eurpian language(Swedish, German, Portuguese, and French) as well as chinese...

how can set the font for the particular character in one string...

suggest me if any thing has to do....

8 years ago
Thanks for have look on my post...

i can write all Europian language characters with the default font, but i can not write Asian characters with the default font.

if i want to write Asian characters, i need to set below fonts(for chinese) for working fine.

Language : Chinese (Simplified)
Fonts : STSong-Light
CMap names : UniGB-UCS2-H

If i set those font some of the Europian language not able to write....

point me if done anythign wrong...


8 years ago
Can anyone help me on my below requirement,

We want to write all European and Asian languages characters on pdf document.

The problem is i can able to write European language characters alone on pdf, similarly i can write Asian language characters as well. but the problem is i am not able to write Asian and European languages together.

Can anyone suggest/point me what should we do for writing those language characters together on pdf document.

8 years ago
Can any one help me on how to debugg the Jsp in Eclipse.

should we add any specific plugin for jsp, which support breakpoints.? If so, please share with me. i am struggling so bad.

I am using Eclipse Helios version.


any pdf document copy of HeadFirst Hibernate available in online?

thanks in advance!!
10 years ago

Please give correct path of servlet class that where you have wrriten. Error code says, couldn't find servlet class loaction.

10 years ago

You can use below code,

10 years ago
Hi Anil,

Each object having their own copy of Method1 string value.
10 years ago

You have written <servlet-mapping> on web.xml. when you giving url, it matches on url-pattern on servlet-mappting, then call corresponding servlet. You have mentioned servlet name as "invoker" on servlet mapping, but there is no one servlet in the name of invoker in web.xml

10 years ago