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Recent posts by Naruki

I thought that you couldn't use "throws" if the try{...} catch{...} block caught the same exception, unless you rethrew it.
Apparently I was wrong. Here's some very simple code to illustrate:

[This message has been edited by Naruki (edited November 01, 2001).]
He he he. There have been a couple of trolls on this thread, and several indignant, irate, and highly vocal dupes, as well. They all are very good at calling others racist while ignoring the delicious irony of their own racist remarks.
That being said, perhaps people like "Guest" will stop trying to fan the flames and start thinking reasonably and logically for a change.
Do you call Java racist because it tries to enforce rules? That's absurd, yes?
Do you call governments racist because they make murder and other crimes illegal? Of course not.
Then why do you call someone else racist for having policies in place to make things go smoothly? That, as Spock says, does not compute.
In my travels, I was often in situations where I had to list my given name last and my surname first, which is the opposite of my native culture's custom.
Far more than that, I had to obey laws and customs that were utterly foreign to me. Did I cry "racist!" every time I had to bow to my boss? Heck no! Because I'm not an idiot.
When I was in Japan, I tried to behave in a manner suited to the customs of that country. I actually had quite a good time there, too.
When I was in Spain, I closed my eyes and prayed that the cab driver would not get me killed. It seems to have worked. But I still managed to obey customs that were not my own without too much difficulty, and I never bore any ill feelings towards my hosts.
Now, if you want to be professional, you will realize what the customs are in this board and decide if you can follow them in order to benefit.
I suspect that one's name order being reversed is not too large a burden. Just ask Yoko Ono, or, should I say, Ono Yoko?
20 years ago
I think MY problem with this whole issue is that all the books and tutorials I've read only say, "Strings are immutable, harumph, harumph".
But they never even try to explain the details as you have done so well.
Thanks, and thanks to SREE for being persistant. This problem was really bugging me.