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Congratulations, you passed

I received my grade in less than a week after doing my part 3 exam... Well, I did not receive a grade, only a "P" and a score of 0. But I mailed, and they confirmed. 2 weeks later, I received my welcome package in the mail.

Seems like Sun is grading faster than ever !
My experience regarding the assignment is that I think it's not clear enough. It leaves too much room for interpretation. Alot of people say then that in real life projects, there is the same unclearity, but in real life, you can always go and ask the business what they need. With this assignment, it's not possible.

Basically, I provided what was needed, but nothing more. I kept everything very basic and simple, not loosing the functional and non-functional requirements. I presented it as clear as possible...

Sorry, cannot go too much into detail about the solution, but the basic idea is , Keep It Simple...

kind regards
Today, I received a confirmation mail from Sun to tell me that I passed all 3 parts of SCEA 5.
I ended up uploading my part 2 assignment 4 days after taking part 3 essay exam, because of missing upload rights.
In less than a week after uploading the assignment, I received a "P" with score 0 in the certmanager. I mailed Sun to ask for confirmation and today I got a reply.
So for me, grading the exam was very fast.

And for now, enjoy the glory