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Recent posts by Vasiq Molvizadah

I've a webpage which retrieves the "Book Lists" from the database and it puts the data in the table. But when i click on the next button/next page, how the Table Data should change.

Look at the code below.
13 years ago
I'm working on a project in HTML and in one of the JSP page it retrieves a table data from the database but i'm really confused in "How will i change the table data in JSP if an event occurs"...
13 years ago
Thanks for the reply buddy...I chose Adobe Flex for RIA because of the survey and since there are not many books available for JavaFX, so Adobe Flex is safer in that case....
13 years ago
Hey guys,
I wanted to design a website with some rich content in it but I'm kind of confused which framework should I use for designing the Rich Internet Application for the website. I'm new to both of these framework but I'm a Java programmer since past 1 year. So, what you guys suggest, which framework will be easy to design and also better in performance wise.

13 years ago

Ankit Garg wrote:Harmeet, you can start with the Master Exam that comes with K&B book, then you can go for Examlab, Inquisition etc.

Vasiq, the decision whether to read Khalid Mughal book is completely your own. If you don't have time, you can skip it and start giving mock exams...

Thanks a lot for your help buddy...i'll practice on the mock test and will give the exam soon...

Ankit Garg wrote:Both the Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates (K&B) book and Khalid Mughal book are good. Whatever is covered in K&B is enough for the exam. Khalid Mughal book also covers all the topics of the exam. So both are enough for the exam...

So not reading Khalid Mughal won't make any difference..coz i really wanna give this exam soon....
I want to give SCJP 6.0 exam and i've already read Kath Sierra and Berry Bates book twice and Head First Java too...but this book SCJP by Khalid A's a very detailed book, i mean i'm kinda confused whether to study this book or not...
What's your suggestion guys....???

Jim Hoglund wrote:If 'a' is a two dimension array (int[][]) then each element is a one dimension array (int[]).
So casting this way is not necessary; yes, just to confuse you. On your second question,
the compiler only knows 'o1' as an Object so it thinks the cast is okay. But at run time the
JVM knows that 'o1' is a 2-d array.

Jim ... ...

Ok buddy thanks a lot for the solution, so even you are preparing for the SCJP exam (on your signature), same here buddy
This question is from the SCJP6 book...

I've 2 question

1. Is this possible "(int[]) a[1]" ...or is it just to confuse it.

2. At line 3, why it didn't show that o1 is an array of array not array, why it was shown at the runtime..

I've been searching on the Internet to find out whether or not is it possible to create a key logger program in Java programming language but on many forum people says that it's not possible in Java some says it is possible in java but using JNI....I'm really confused over here

Is it possible or not ? If not then what is the reason for that ???

14 years ago

David Newton wrote:And what would a null character print out as?

Ok i get it now....if there is nothing in that position then it'll store "'\u0000'" or "0" which is basically a null value and a null value is printed out as a box symbol....

Thanks a lot for reading the program and helping me out with the problem....David.
14 years ago

David Newton wrote:What gets stored in the coded string when shift >= alphabets.length?

If the IF loop is correct then nothing gets stored in that position...If nothing gets stored then that position should contain a "null" value instead of any symbol..I mean after all the default value of char is null....
14 years ago

Output :
Enter the text you want to cipher.
The cipher text is zewmuq(And a box symbol appears which i'm not able to print it here)

I know the reason is because of the else loop but one thing i'm not getting is..if there is no char at a given position then it should display it's value as null instead of a symbol which in case here is a box.

Any reason for that ???

Thanks for reading it....
Any comments on the program....
14 years ago

If I give the input as "vasiqmz" or a word such as "x","y" then the output which I'm getting is kinda confusing....

14 years ago
I just wanted to ask which books you guys suggest for starting with database....
14 years ago