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Interesting article to check out..!
IBM is India's second largest private sector employer and in couple of years it could cross its US employee strength...!
10 years ago

loganathan kumar wrote:Thanks for your valuable tips... Actually i am working in a PCMMI level 5 company... Please advice me whether it is the right time for me to search the job or after completion of SCEA part 3 will be the right time?
I have 4.5 years of experience... Will my next company accept me as an Enterprise architect? If so what would be my expected salary...
Please tell me what are all the companies will give best pay in chennai and particulary for SCEA.

Thanks in advance.

Getting accepted as an Enterprise architech might be difficult at 4.5 years of experience... but I think you can get a good senior developer role and start contributing towards architecure / internal framework for sometime before becoming an architect... But yes the compensation is significantly below market standards...we hire freshers with no programming skills at a better pay.... But lots of companies offer hike based on your previous salaries except a very few where they have good internal standards and excellent pay/benefits in chennai - like the america's largest online book retailer, the online payment company etc...!

10 years ago

Kumar Gadepalli wrote:

ha lo wrote:

ab parashar wrote:I had heard of 2 guys being fired at Accenture (yes at Accenture .. funny..though) who had lied about salary.

I guess some companies do reveal the salary .. Wonder how those 2 guys got fired at Accenture
I'm sorry if I am getting too legal in this
but Accenture must have told these guys the reason for firing
and these guys could probably question their previous company for disclosing confidential information (though they had done mischief on their part too)

I have been working in a company from the last 5 years. Before joining into the present company, I worked for 2 yrs in a small company which is in a small city. When I was trying for a new job, no company has called for an interview. So that I have changed my experience as 2 yrs in another city and uploaded into websites. Then I started getting calls and joined in the present company 5 yrs back by producing fake certificates showing the experience in hyd. Now I am planning to change my present company and wanted to reveal my misstatements to future company, so that there will not be any problem.... Is that my approach is correct?

Check out the post mentioned :BAckground Verification
I had discussed about how companies take BGC seriously... It would be better for you to correct the same as if caught you would be in trouble
10 years ago

No one goes to college to recruit bad.

Better we end this debate because I did not get answer to my question. Why same person with same quality, talent, same qualification, experience why banks pay higher. If banks require different talent, different qualities which match with their business then I can understand. But I got answer to another question why it is been highlighted recently that banks paying higher salary.

I had clearly told that Banks pay more to people with prior experience and domain knowledge.... your statement that "Why same person with same quality, talent, same qualification, experience why banks pay higher. " doesnt apply as at all as they dont pay well to any tom dick and harry....

I think your intention is not to understand but rather trying to find faults and keep saying that why people should get more salary in banks...How do you expect to Back up?? The so called your back up statements were useless and senseless...? what is backing up in your terms?? Putting salary slip in a public forum?? Considering your previous so called backing up statements - how is this even a backup...? Have you mentioned pays with solid backup like salary slips? Now I can again use your so called logic to say anyone can claim anything... What is the usefulness of the below backup you mentioned?? Why do you expect someone to give out the name of a particular bank when as per javaranch we dont need to give out names?

I will provide you some data. One i-bank paying higher salary was first one to fall.
Another bank sold their captive unit to IT service company. This is in India.

And in terms of i-banks - India and US doesnt make big difference as people do the same job and it gets done cheaper here.. Now again if you try comparing with other industries banks pay well in US and the same trend is continuing in India which is a very simple logic

10 years ago

Sandeep Awasthi wrote:
If you can not provide any thing to back then no one will believe your claims. Or you expect everyone to believe whatever you claim?
I will provide you some data. One i-bank paying higher salary was first one to fall.
Another bank sold their captive unit to IT service company. This is in India.

For the so called data you have provided - This i-bank pays well and still remains one of the top... I never asked you to believe whatever I claim? I am speaking from what I have seen firsthand.. If you dont want to believe it its none of my problem...

I never claimed pharma companies paying higher salary. So far I have not made any claim. But why one can not compare pharma salaries with i-bank? You claim to have knowledge of salaries in US, salaries of pharma companies, salaries of i-bank, technologies used in pharma companies. What else you want to claim without any backing?
My point is very simple. It does not matter if you do not agree with it. But the point is let's assume I buy something X in US for 10$. Same thing I can buy in India for say Rs.25. Looking at currency difference I am getting it cheap. Even Rs 50 is cheap, but why should I pay Rs 50 when I can get that in Rs 25?
This is what I said in my earlier post.

I want to understand if same person can get X salary, why banks are paying X + Y where Y is big factor.

Its a simple logic for anyone to understand.... They were making boatloads of money in mortgage backed securities and cds... and they need best talent... and salary is inflated coz they compete against each other insanely....the work is also equally difficult putting long hours everyday when one is in front office....
I have recruited people for my team from Pharma, Insurance & I-Banks both in NYC and India - that atleast gave me a basic knowledge? I never mentioned about technologies in pharma companies...Read it properly....

I-Banks like to keep people from top colleges - in east coast and NYC - loads of ivy league-ers join either on tech or biz side of i-banks.. they pay for brand... Its simple... and you have hedge funds in US to compete with investment banks.... my friend making decent salary from the operating system company (2-3 years exp) - one hedge fund just doubled his salary in 2007ish hitting 220k and he moved from seattle to east coast.... And fired him when the recession deepened in 2008....

If you were not in NYC / Connecticut - Gold coast area ( you wouldn't be understanding how crazy pay packages were going up for techies also...

In India the same is continuing.... The place I work for tech we take people from all colleges as long as they are good in tech... If some one has previous i-banking experience its very simple logic to pay him better...
There is one boutique firm which wouldnt even look into resumes if it is not from IIT/etc....

10 years ago
Who told you this? College/University/degree name makes impact in any company. Why so many students try hard to get admission in IIT/IIM?

I have seen product companies giving 100% hikes just to make sure that there is parity and there isn't much difference between people in the same band to maintain internal parity range.. But it is not the same with I-banks.....

Subramani Shiva wrote:
My friend got a hike in a very good i-bank and with 5 years of experience his package is 20Lpa...he joined there as a fresher at 6lpa...

Write something to back your claim. Provide hard data. Tomorrow I will say my friend was selected as a CEO of fortune 500 company with 5 years experience. I do not expect anyone to believe it.

What do you mean by providing hard data?? Discussing company names and specifics is NOT allowed as per java ranch.... And there are quite a number of people in the range I have mentioned in the investment banking...For people working in the investment banking domain it gets done.. If you are not aware its not my issue..

One cannot compare pharma salaries with i-bank salaries in technology.. no where in pharma 5 year exp IT a person makes 120 and 50k bonus 2 to 3 years after college.... Thats the boon and bane with investment banks... and its the main reason why people are getting highly inflated salaries in investment banks....
10 years ago

Sandeep Awasthi wrote:

kaustuv saha wrote:Hi

The numbers quoted here are not from any study analyis. I quoted these figures based on what me and my ex-classmates/colleagues got offered in recent times. Of course, they cannot be treated as a gospel and actual figures may vary.

Did you and your friends did BTech from IIT + MBA finance from IIM or CFA ?? Curiosity again.

The package in investment bank varies widely depending on ones qualifications (B-tech colleges/NIT etc) and the skillset...And 13+bonus for a 6 year guy from one of those colleges is quite normal if he has good tech skillsets...
In product companies more than 'college' name the tech skill set matters more and there is a better level playing field in them....
My friend got a hike in a very good i-bank and with 5 years of experience his package is 20Lpa...he joined there as a fresher at 6lpa...
the ibanks pay very well coz its very cheap to get the work done if you compare to US as I worked with one in US... there for 5-6 years exp one could get between 100- 120K base + bonus depending on the division and how much money that division makes (for techies it can reach 40-50% of base and in very rare cases 100% of base - well all numbers based on good old days - 2 years back. But now again the banks are giving good bonuses)..
In india paying 16-20lpa(40-50k USD including bonus) is literally nothing compared to the same work..
10 years ago

H Bash wrote:I have a question about the use of the Java programming language; I seem to see a lot of jobs posted requesting for java developers in the stock/commodity trading and finance. Would anyone be able to tell be how/what Java is used for in those sectors? If you know of any good links that I could read up on the subject I would be grateful.

Thank you.

Well - uses of Java from my knowledge with 3 investment banks(Trading divisions) :
1) Swing GUI - Lots of trader screens GUI use swing (They are being converted into .Net in few banks)
2) Server side & Web services - The non algorathmic trading / high frequency trading (both of which uses C++ preferably) server side part is usually a high performance custom java server / weblogic / jboss etc depending on the requirements. EJB is rarely used in trading - spring + hibernate is used.
3) Messaging - JMS - Tibco RV&Tibco EMS (used for high performance trading messages), IBM MQ or a java based custom messaging implementation is used.
4) Typically something like Gigaspaces similar related technologies are also used.

One good example would be Marketcetera - opensource trading platform. It would be a good starter to get an idea.
10 years ago

Neha Sen wrote:[DELETED]

I am quite surprised by this message as I have been speaking about the background verification process in detail as there are significant number of people who try to fake their work experience & we come across it regularly and I am trying to share experiences to make them understand that it is better to be honest w.r.t your work experience and have sufficient proofs coz candidates get rejected on that behalf .... [DELETED]
10 years ago

raghuraman guruswamy wrote:

Subramani Shiva wrote:
If the past references are not satisfactory / companies are not reputed (for example say a small unknown firm in Vizag / Vijawada / Hyd etc) we do filter out the candidates before interview most of the time...

I dont agree with you.. Shiva. How can one judge a person's knowledge just by looking at the past company brand? Sounds very absurd to me. In my opinion, people working in small companies have very good knowledge than people who are working in the so called MNC's.

So it is completely absurd and ridiculous to filter the candidates even before interviewing them just because he/she does not come from a reputed MNC. I guess this kind of trend is there only in India.

It may be absurd to you to quite an extent but then there are certain divisions in an organization where we put specific requirements that candidate should be from iit/bits/nit/top colleges only / from x, y, z MNC only etc... And we get 50 resumes for a position- you dont expect a person to interview all 50 people... it is HIGHLY sensible and USEFUL to have filters otherwise the interviewing team will go crazy....
For example our final hit ratio is like 5%-10% say very rarely max 15% of the people interviewed... you cant expect a team to interview each and every resume they receive right? That would be ridiculous & absurd because shortlisting has to be done based on various criteria decided by an organization...
So there is always that first filter.. If the person is from top college (I have seen lots of amazing programmers not from the so called top colleges but then the requirements comes from top down) then small company work is ok if he is good programmer.... but if not then there is always a subtle filter even though it is not known openly.... even in salary there is sometimes a difference of 30% between someone from topnotch college and others even though both are doing same work.... unfortunate thing which is practiced around the world... top brand is always advantageous.... There are some companies that are exception to these filters but lots of them practice these...

So it is always better to go via referral as resume is processed if someone within an organization refers and a candidate may be interviewed otherwise resume just goes into hibernation if it doesn't meet the filters.....

10 years ago

Jyoti Vaskar wrote:

Subramani Shiva wrote:
I would say that companies spend 5-10k / candidate to specialist firms that carry out background checks...

5-10k/candidate ??? Its shocking!!!
Its not easily believable that companies do concern so much about their employees even though employees do perform well at their jobs!!
If an employee is good at everything then too a company spend so much on him ??
I think this would be the truth for bigger companies.

Well just found out that my firm spends Rs.15K / Candidate after the offers are rolled out on back ground checks.... Maybe thats why we dont allow a candidate to enter the office till background check is completed.. It is a thorough and complete progress....

If the past references are not satisfactory / companies are not reputed (for example say a small unknown firm in Vizag / Vijawada / Hyd etc) we do filter out the candidates before interview most of the time... else if someone is through all the rounds and if checks are not satisfactory we end up filtering the candidate again..... Rs.15K is like 300USD and not a big amount considering the company information / systems candidate has access to if he joins the company and security checks and integrity of the candidate is one of the TOP priority before hiring one
10 years ago

Rohithaksha Kalluraya wrote:I have 10 years of experience (3 years in USA and remaining in Bangalore, worked for fortune 500 companies, CMM Level V companies, etc.). I am a senior level programmer primarily in Java/J2EE (eCommerce) currently in USA and planning to relocate to Bangalore for good.

How much salary can I expect in Bangalore considering current job market situation in Bangalore?

Appreciate your suggestions!

15L is on the medium- average side... You could get a fixed of 15-18L for MNC's... plus bonus giving you a CTC of 20 plus.. It all depends on the kind of work you have done and the value you are bringing to the table.... for example in banks we pay 10+ year exp people anywhere between 25-33L CTC if they have relevant domain n tech experience / specialized tech skills...
Another way of evaluating US candidates is their CTC is approx 1/3rd-40% of their US package...for higher levels(VP, Director) it goes anywhere from 70-100% of US salary....
Everything depends on art of negotiation...
10 years ago