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Recent posts by Tapas Chand

Dwayne Barsotta wrote:...Why would an organization also use such a large stay off back office languages to provide one site?

To the user it may seem as a single site, but inside there may be thousand of modules.
If a module is already developed and working well in some language, it is beneficial to integrate that (of course after analysis) instead of creating that module from scratch in another language.
1 year ago
Started learning Java in an institute after I did my Mechanical Engineering.
Doing Java programming since 2010.
1 year ago
Welcome to the ranch
Can you post the exact output after running the command "javac FileName.java"
1 year ago
Welcome to the ranch
Post here what you have got so far.
1 year ago
Have you checked Apache POI?
You can read/write excel using Apache POI.
1 year ago
From the information provided, it looks like you did not added the JAR into the classpath which contains the class org.glassfish.jersey.FeaturesAndPropertiesies.
Some class in your code is importing a class (say XYZ.java) in xxxxx.jar that you have added.
And XYZ.java is trying to import another class org.glassfish.jersey.FeaturesAndPropertiesies which you did not add in the classpath.
You have to find the JAR containing org.glassfish.jersey.FeaturesAndPropertiesies and add it.

Are you using maven to build your project. Maven ensures all the dependencies are added to classpath.
Provide the full compilation error which you are getting.
If you are using any IDE, try cleaning the project and rebuilding. Sometimes this kind of error occurs in Eclipse.
1 year ago
Which JAR are you using?
A quick search of Apache POI shows there is a method to set the text color.
1 year ago
That is the feature of RequestDispatcher.
By calling forward() method, you actually are telling the server to display the output using the JSP.
You are not telling the server to send new HTTP request to the JSP.

You need to learn more about RequestDispatcher.forward() and response.sendRedirect() methods.
1 year ago

praveen kumaar wrote:And what if the stringList has further mutable references ?

Yeah I understand this is not a generic solution.
And thanks for information about CopyOnWriteArrayList.
1 year ago

Chris Avila wrote:What would be a way to add the elements one ArrayLists as sets of Arrays to an ArrayList that holds ArrayLists without the ArrayList that holds ArrayLists being tightly coupled with the ArrayList of arbitrary objects.

One way would be to use the constructor of ArrayList which takes Collection as argument.

Can you come up with other ways and post here.
1 year ago

Dwayne Barsotta wrote:I guess your right, I just figured it was the same as my first java course were there was little explanation on the practical differences.  Will keep this in mind for the future.   I've been seriously thinking of taking a hands on class for intermediate java.  Or paying someone to Skype with who can teach me aspects of java that I am having issues with.  Books are great but there is no one on one explanations based on the students pretension.

I agree with Junilu.
If you refer to Junilu's first post in this thread, I can say that...
If OP is told that println() puts a newline character and print() does not, there is chance that OP forgets this after sometime.
But if asked to execute the mentioned code, OP will learn things and there is chance that OP remembers this for lifetime.

This is a very small thing in this case, but it applied to every problem.
1 year ago
Basics always remain same. Once done with basics one can look into the newer things.
Personally I find this a good start point for JavaScript.

For AngularJS, you need to have knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, MVC etc.

Junilu Lacar wrote:Well, this is my 10K-th post...

Awesome... you are an inspiration.
1 year ago

Ioanna Katsanou wrote:My query is like this:

SELECT No, Name1, Address, Name2 from my_table;

In this query you can add a "where" clause which will get the records only which you want.

Dana Ucaed wrote:Types of data are not reserved.

But on OCA exam I met some examples, and my response was wrong because I said: don't compile.

I will suggest to Java community to make reserved all the date types.


data type or date type? what are you referring to in this?
If you are considering "String" as a data type, any class can become data type. You can not make every class reserved word.
I guess that is why primitive data types are considered as reserved word.