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Visit to get the step by step procedure to develop spring application.
12 years ago
Remove catch from outside while and put the following statements in try block and write catch block for it.
answer = dataIn.readLine();

I have done this for you as foll. Its working fine.

I have not read your logic completely but I guess you should use array to store the numbers_in_words and find out the index to search and get the the number in words. This logic will work fine for you.

12 years ago
Business Key identifies the instance in JVM uniquely and it need not be stored in a db.
DB key is always the part of the db table.

Two beans can have same DB key but not same business key.

Thanks Rob for suggesting use of codetags.

As I am new to this forum , it was not known to me. Sorry.

I agree with you that instead of using getClass().getName() better use instanceof operator.

12 years ago
If you are not sure of the method return type, you return generic Object in a method signature

In calling routine , find out the type of the returned object using getClass().getName() and then type cast it and then use it.


in calling routine
12 years ago
I want to go for SCEA Part1 exam.

Pl. share the info. related with this , if possible.

Thanks in advance.

Congrats !!!

I also passed SCWCD with 98% of score.

Planning to give SCEA.

Pl. let me know if you have any info regarding this.


12 years ago