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Recent posts by Samanthi perera

Which of the following creates indexes implicitly
e. All of the above
14. Which of the following statement will not implicitly begin a transaction?

e. None the above ; they all implicitly begin a transaction
Which one of the following can be interpreted as a data dictionary?
a.A table of cursors
b.A table containing a list of all the data fields in the database
c.A table of objects containing a list of all the records in the database
d.A "table of tables" containing a list of all the tables in the database
e.A table of pointers containing a list of all the rows in the database
is there a anyway to create a proxy in spring other than using ProxyFactoryBean ?
11 years ago
is there any other way to impliment ProxyFactoryBean a than creating this way?

11 years ago
this is my impl class

this is my advice

this is my test class

this is my xml file

this examle working fine.
but my problem is where is the pointcut in this example?
11 years ago
this is my dog class

this is my xml

this is my cat class

this is my main class

when i run i get out put as follow

how to get cat objects from collection d??
11 years ago
lets imagin i don't like to put my xml file to src folder.
so i need it to put Diretly to project folder.

1)if i did that way how can i use ClassPathXmlApplicationContext to load beans?
2)or is there any other best way to do this other than using src folder?
11 years ago
I am reading Spring in Action book.
it saying that beans has life cycle several steps.
3 rd one is Set bean name =If the bean implements BeanNameAware, Spring passes thebean’s ID to setBeanName().

1)my question is what is BeanNameAware interface?
2)when do we impliment that interface?
11 years ago
I put a jboss-web.xml file inside the project and make a war file.
here is jboss-web.xml

but the starting line of this xml file give this message

when i start jboss server and type this in IE

it is gives expected results.
but when i type this
it says

i don't know why?
11 years ago
project attached as a zip file
11 years ago
the problem is that i created a war file without a jboss-web.xml fle.
But it is also working.
my problem is how it is working without a jboss-web.xml.
11 years ago
I change the name of war file to Abc.war.
now i type http://localhost:8080/Abc/ in Explore.
it is working fine.
but still i am unable to fine extracted war file in tem folder.
11 years ago
it is working fine.
anyway i put a war file without a jboss-web.xml file.
it is also working fine.
1)i don't know why?
2)can you tell me where is the place to jboss extract the war files?
11 years ago
here is my jboss-web.xml file

it in WebContent folder of my web application.
is it ok now.
11 years ago