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Recent posts by William Koos

I am deploying a war with webservices on Glassfish. One of these webservices needs a number documents to be indexed using apache lucene. I have a java class that indexes the documents using lucene.

How do I make sure that on deployment of the war the constructor of the java class that indexes the documents is called and that the object is then then made available as a resource to the webservice?

I suspect that this should be done by using annotations and resource injection, but I can't find a guide that is clear enough for me as a java novice. I am using netbeans as an IDE. Any pointers / help are appreciated.

14 years ago
I try to deploy a WAR to the internal Netbeans GlasFish server. All the code is generated, some REST webservices based on a couple of tables and Hibernate is used for ORM. What is get from the log and information on the internet there are multiple versions of apache log library specified or the same one is loaded by diferent classloaders ? See

Does anyone know how to fix this? I can't find any conflicting logging libraries specified in the project.

14 years ago

I am parsing this file

using jaxb classes generated by xjc based on this schema*checkout*/psidev/psi/psi-ms/mzML/schema/mzML1.1.0.xsd

The problem I have is that when parsing the references of an element to another group of elements, I get an java.lang.object that is null. Casting this object to the type of object that it should be pointing to results in a successful cast but that object is also null.

Parsing of all the other XML elements works fine, just the parsing of the IDREF elements is not working. I am wondering if I am doing something wrong here or that there is a problem with with the xml, xsd files or the generated java classes.

Does anybody have any ideas about this ?