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Recent posts by Jogi Poonavala

I used only the book. Did not read the reference material however if you are planning to read ref. material, I would advise you to read 2.5 and not 3. (Assuming you are attempting 2.5 certification)

Thanks guys. Really appreciate it.
Hi Guys..

I joined this forum today .. so just want to say friendly Hi to everyone.
Also I want to get SCJP 1.6 in this or the next month. (Hopefully this month) so I will be a regular visitor here and would really appreciate any tips/ guidance from the experienced folks..

btw.. I got my spring colors today ..

Hi Friends..

I passed the exam today. Only thing I got from the test center was a paper saying "Unofficial test results" 82 % and grade : pass.
Does anyone know how long it takes to get an actual certificate from springsource ?Do I need to do anything from my side to get the certificate ?

Oh and if anyone is interested, I studied from Spring in Action 2nd edition. I looked at the forum and lot of people have studied from the reference doc... kudos to them. It is an extreamly dry read I couldn't force me more than 50 pages.. The book is good though..

Spend lot of time studying core spring - containers, scopes, been interaction, lifecycle etc. Less emphasis is given on less popular technologies such as spring web framework and jmx, email, batch jobs etc.