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Recent posts by Manish Awasthy

Thanks to all and Ohh i forgot there was not a single question on Serailization so guys just relax
14 years ago
Today I passed SCJP 6 Exam with 98%
The question were neither too easy nor too tough but i was surprised to see not a single question on the wait and notify methods.
But the questions on oops were tough but were manageable.And there were not too many drag and drop questions just 6 or 7 so i was very relaxed after seeing the questions because these questions were my biggest headache.
Well Thanks to javaranchers for helping me out on various occasions.

Well Some of the ranchers have really helped me out some of them are Raju Champaklal alias Ankur,Neha (The explanations she gave were the best),Ankit the Bartender,And Wouter oet and ohh the most important ones Bert And Kathy for writing such a wonderful book...
Thanks to all of them
14 years ago
I am also giving exam on Monday Please somebody give me suggestions on how can i score the max
I want to improve my performance in drag and drop questions i am weak in these questions. so any suggestion is welcome.
Or if you could give any tricks to solve such type of questions for instance for garbage collections we could make a graph and get answer
Such type of any trick for drag drop questions please
I doubt there are cards which specifically contain 2 minute drills
among linked list and vector ,Linked list performs better because the methods of linked list are asynchronous where as methods of vector are synchronized
@ Wouter nice quote man

"Any fool can write code that a computer can understand.
Good programmers write code that humans can understand."
--- Martin Fowler