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Recent posts by Anna Balaeva

The company focus is delivering work of exceptional creative and technological quality. This group works with and supports all of the websites for a major television and retail networks which encompasses 25,000 retail stores. A company that has a joint venture with Hearst Corp, Disney, ABC and NBC Universal.
Consultant will be responsible for designing and implementing server side components for large-scale web applications utilizing state of the art Java technology and development processes. This person will be a key player within the team, contributing heavy hands on software engineering expertise and excellent problem-solving skills. In addition they will also interact closely with front end developers, to provide highly interactive and seamless user experiences.

They will begin working on the development of their vision to create the best online media destination, Kontain.

Person must be extremely detail oriented and have excellent verbal communication skills as well as extraordinarily passionate in what they do, as well as experience working in a fast-paced environment.

- 5 years experience using Java/J2EE, with at least 3-4 years of Industry related experience
- Experience in building server-side components for large-scale web applications
- Heavy experience with agile development methodologies
- Experience in working with Spring Framework, Hibernate and Apache Wicket

The interview will focus on the following skills:
Data structure
Object Oriented Design (OOD)
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11 years ago
-Strong Java development skills (Java 1.5 or higher)
-Strong understanding of multiple development frameworks (Spring, MVC preferred)
-Some Architecture skills
-Has worked with Content Management Systems before and understands content
-Heavy experience with web technologies from the front/middle/back-end of a system (Jquery, AJAX, CSS, Velocity, SQL, JBOSS, APACHE)
-Good understanding of Unix/Linux and the ability to set-up and configure
-Experience with edge level caching (Akamai, Limelight)
-Experience with application caching (memcached)
-Strong communication and presentation skills – ability to work with clients and be a team player
-full life-cycle development experience – understand Information Architecture through to deployment
-Leadership capabilities

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11 years ago
Our client is a leading Business and IT Consulting firm founded on initiative, education, recognition and respect. Their unique environment fosters growth and creativity, rewards openness and client focused delivery, and celebrates initiative and risk taking.

The Sr. Developer / Technical Lead provides technical leadership to the project team by taking responsibility for a specific component or track of the project architecture/SDLC. This includes planning, estimation, people management, issue resolution and quality assurance.

Primary Responsibilities:
-Involvement in Object Oriented Design/Architecture
-Drive mid-level planning exercises with engineers
-Anticipate issues and risks at the module level and escalate appropriately
-Facilitate workshops and client meetings
-Hands-on Java Development; analyze, design and develop code for all application tiers

-Bachelors degree required; degree in Computer Science or related field preferred
-5-10 years in systems integration and development, package implementation
-Proven leadership skills to independently manage a track of work (with 2-10 people), during multiple phases of the project lifecycle
-Strong Development Skills in Java; thorough understanding of SDLC
-Experience with Multi-threading; proficient in UML, OOAD
-Some knowledge of capital markets and equity products, markets and business flow and experience building high performance trading apps is preferred

Position is located in New York, NY, with required travel to Stamford, CT.

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11 years ago
Our client, a Major Investment Bank, is looking for a JAVA/ FLEX Developer to work on the development and maintenance of web applications and analytical tools within a Municipal Bonds Group. These products are designed in house and customized by the Bank. The opportunity includes working through the full SDLC from Requirements Gathering all the way to testing, rollouts and production support.
The ideal candidate will have at least 2 years of FLEX experience and 8 years of Java Application Development.
In addition, experience with any type of Open Source Software, Spring, Hibernate or related is a major plus. This is a contract role only and previous financial service experience is mandatory.

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11 years ago
Analyst/Developer with 1-6 years experience.
Responsible for designing, building, and supporting the common architecture that unifies a large number of disparate applications and business areas . This model creates significant leverage and efficiency for the firm, and also plays a crucial role in minimizing the risks inherent in processing a very large number of complex financial transactions. The convergence on a central, unified architecture is a key piece of the strategy , and participants in this team therefore have a unique opportunity to influence a wide variety of critical business and technology initiatives.
We are looking for several developers to assist with the design, development, and support including shared compute and reference data services (typically implemented in Java), common user interface frames and other visual elements (typically written in C# / .NET), and messaging and other middleware facilities (typically written in Java).
The developer will be responsible for building and supporting one or more sections of the Framework. The role requires strong technical background, as well as ability to quickly learn about the business, products, and operational and system flows. Developers will also need to interface effectively as well as other Technology development teams who are the client consumers of the Framework. These interactions will span several regions and may require international travel.
In keeping with the culture, applicants must be a strong team player, highly motivated and responsible.

• Java or C# (but unique opportunities are also available for people skilled in both)
• Some proficiency with SQL
• Unix / Linux

The following would be a plus:
• Experience with business process workflow technologies (eg, JBPL)

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11 years ago
Overview of Role

Description Our client is the worlds largest voice and electronic inter-dealer broker with a daily average transaction volume in excess of $1 trillion, 50% of which is electronic and is listed as one of the top 100 companies in the London Stock Exchange. The Group is active in the wholesale market for OTC derivatives, fixed income securities, money market products, foreign exchange, energy, credit and equity derivatives. The company provides a specialist intermediary broking services to commercial banks and investment banks in the wholesale financial markets. An inter-dealer broker works in these markets to draw together liquidity and to match buyers and sellers so that deals can be executed by its banking customers.

Position Major Responsibilities:

We are seeking a highly motivated self starting Senior Java Developer to join the development team responsible for design, development and support of Fixed Income Trading Systems. The successful candidate must be able to work independently while actively participating in a dynamic global team. Fixed Income Development Team designs, develops and supports technology solutions for trading various financial instruments: US Government, Corporate and Foreign Sovereignty Bonds, Agency Issued and Mortgage Backed Securities and more. Senior Software Developer-is expected to become familiar with existing applications and be able to design and implement efficient code addressing constantly changing specifications.

Requirements Other Responsibilities:

- Design and develop software including Java Swing and Web Front Ends
- Evaluate software and tools for the needs of the development team
- Configures and maintains development environment
- Provides 2nd Level production support
- Analyzes and documents existing system
- Provides assessments and estimates to business partners and technology management
- Assists in collecting business requirements and writing functional specifications


- Minimum of 7 years software development
- Expert knowledge of Java
- Three years experience developing Java Swing and or GWT front ends
- Extensive experience with SQL
- Familiar with Ajax, J2EE, Spring Framework

Special Skills

- Experience designing and implementing efficient and robust development process
- Interface programming experience
- Strong design skills
- Experience with multi-thread applications
- Bachelors degree in computer science
- Strong communication skills

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11 years ago