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Recent posts by Mohammad Ashrafuddin Ferdousi

Hi experts,

I need your help again. Please help.

I know java basics. well, i think that knowledge is enough for do a java desktop application and what i think, i can do any kind of java API also. But when I am moving to learn spring MVC or JSF i am facing a lot of problems.

I was started spring MVC by reading "spring MVC and webflow 2" book. But soon i found that, i have to do a lot of code. well, when i am using netbeans (previously used eclipse but not ignored it for my team) why i should go to do such raw code where the netbeans can make my task easier? I give up.

Then i move to jsf 2. I found a tutorial by googleing on net. That tutorials describes jsf with netbeans CRUD operation(not jsf2). When i did the project completely and run that shows errors. I tried to debug the code, but failed. Now i am reading jsf 2 the complete reference.

I never give up my effort, never. But as a professional i need to work with a project after some days. I need to learn either jsf or spring MVC and webflow, on very short time. So, my plan is to clone some sample, small size project which will use jsf, spring MVC and webflow. Beside this, the important part is, this tutorial should describe the project development process with netbeans. After cloning those "clean projects", i will move to hack those projects and my plan is that "Learn from Hacking those codes".

But i can not get such projects or tutorials which describe the step by step development(can be spring 3 mvc and workflow or jsf 2 with the support the database connectivity and integration) with netbeans 6.9.1.

Basically i am a php developer and moving to the jee technology. So, Please jee professionals help me as much as you can. Please post any kind of information you know. I need your help to move forroward my career and job security. Any kind of small projects, tutorials, documents, quick learning techniques is appreciated. Sorry, for bad english, friend. Please do not mind for anywords. I do not want to heart you, if i say something wrong.

Thanks in advance.

Note: Currently i am using Netbeans 6.9.1/tomcat 6/mysql. I can use glassfish3 also if needed.
thank you, Sachin, for your help. Can anyone discuss more about the topic? Can you told some logics also that, why i should use that framework. It would be a great help for me.

Hi Java Gurus,

How are you? Today I need some suggestion from you. Can you please help?

I need to do a project, with a java framework which will using Oracle DB as back-end. Perhaps, the project has large volume and the project should be web based. CRUD should be a factor and another factor is learning curve.

Now, I need to choose a java framework, which has short learning curve, can be very developers friendly for large project(s), have good oracle support and CURD operation should be faster. I need your suggestion.

Another thing, I need a document for java framework comparisons. I think, you may have some documentation on this. If you have some, can you please send the doc?

have a nice day everyone.

Jimmy Clark wrote:Based on the information that you have provided, I suggest that you do not accept the QA position and keep working as a PHP programmer.

Decline the offer and tell them that you want a 20% increase in the salary they offered. If they accept, then take the QA position.

In terms of career development, you should start looking at graduate programs in Information Systems or Business Administration.

Also consider PMP certification as this will enable you to more easily shift into business/management position in the future.

And finally, your written English is a bit rough, consider taking a couple of courses in English (with focus on writing and grammar.)

Good luck!


At first, sorry for my English. Please do not mind for this. I did not write anything to heart you. I promise, I will do better english next couple of months.

Thanks, for your suggestions. I will try to follow those. From your messages, i learn at least one thing. The analytical ability. That makes me happy that, at least i learn one new thing.

Anyway, I need to know some several things, if you do not mind.

1] "Information Systems or Business Administration graduate program"--Why it is important for SQA position? I have not enough money and time(After spending the office schedule) to accomplish this course. So, Can i learn these from self learning? Is there any resource that you can inform me, kindly?

2] What should be the minimum requirement to be a SQA Engineer? I should write production/development level code? Or just use some software/tools?

3] If they increase the salary and i joined on that position, How my career going to changed?

4] What would be the better option for career SQA or Software Engineer(Depends on salary or annual income)?

5] It is just personal. I want to know more about you. If you agree, we can be good friend. I think, I can learn a lot of things from you. I want to learn more. if it is not possible for you to build up a friendship, I want to know about you. What tools you use for your profession and such. Please do not mind. It would be a pleasure for me, knowing you.

Anyway, thank you for all of your messages that would help me to improve myself. And again, please do not mind for my English. I will try to improve my English. Wish you a very good day.

Best Regards
13 years ago

Jimmy Clark wrote:Thank you. Two more final questions for you.

When you interviewed for the QA position, did it sound interesting to you?

Do you currently enjoy working with your current company and like creating web applications?

Ya, It sounds interesting to me.

Similarly, I am also enjoy to work with the current company and it is also interesting to me.

Actually, I feel interests in any kind of computer science and engineering technology except Computer Networks.
13 years ago

Jimmy Clark wrote:Thanks. Just to clarify, you are currently a PHP programmer with less than 2 years of professional experience and have received an offer for a QA position from a different company.

Just a few more questions for you. If you accept the offer, will your salary increase? Do you have a college degree?

And finally, in your 1+ year of experience, how many web applications have "you" created? And how many web applications have "you" worked on which were created by someone else?

OK. Explaining.

1] No, My salary remain same.
2] I have an university degree(B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering).
3] Actually, I do the php cms most of the case(Joomla, OSc, Wordpress). I do 5/6 project completed by me(Joomla, OSc, Wordpress) and 12/13 project(Joomla, OSc, Wordpress) with team.
13 years ago
Yes, I have 1+ years paid experience in php web application development.
13 years ago

Dieter Quickfend wrote:I doubt any additional info could be detrimental to the answers given. This is not a yes/no question, it's a "what way do you want to go / what job do you prefer / what experience do you have / how valid is your company compared to the new one / etc. etc."

OK, Let me explain .

1]what way do you want to go?
Ans: I want to see myself as an IT Businessman.

2]what job do you prefer?
Ans: When i will do business, i will prefer the businessman attitude 'n now i like to work any kind of programming relatively software engineering and Software Quality Assurance. I am a big fan of Software/Web Engineering. Whenever i get the chance i always like , actually love to do so.

3]What experience do you have?
Ans: I have more than 1+ years professional/paid experience on php web application development/cms customization. But from 2005 i am doing php and from 2004-2005 i was doing java technology. Recently i am doing java at home and php at office.

4]how valid is your company compared to the new one?
Ans: Sorry to say that, a can not clarify this questions to you. But i can say the current company is a well known IT firm in my country and the new 1 is not so well known in my country but they have a lot of branch in USA, UK, Canada.

That is all i can inform to you. Now, can anyone please help me to find out? Please try to help. It will be a pleasure of mine.
13 years ago
Ya, I am currently employed as software engineer mainly php web application developer.
13 years ago
hi all,

I am a php web application developer/Software Engineer. I worked on php more than 1 year. Now, I have an opportunity to get a job as Software Quality Assurance Engineer. I am confused. Please help.

I need the view depending on Future Career Plan. Is it will be better for me to continue as a Software Engineer or I should take a chance on SQA. Which is more demand-able on future (Based on Salary).

I need your suggestion. I will be very happy if i can here from you.

13 years ago

Peter Johnson wrote:1) I assume you are using MS Visio to draw architectural diagrams. When can't you continue to do that in Visio?

2) Not being a database heavyweight I don't know of any tools to do normalization.

3) Have you tried googling this? I doubt that you will find an Eclipse plugin by there must be someone who has come up with such a conversion tool.

Note that I answer your original request only to offer a reason as to why you were not getting an answer, and not because I have answers. (Often I avoid answering a question if I feel it will lead to technical details of other issues that I do not feel qualified to answer without a lot of work on my part.)

Actually, I do not use ms visio. But, previously i used it. I can not use this because this is not an open source.

For 3rd question, I can not find it by google. Ok. I am going give one more try to found out.

And Ofcource, Thanks a lot for helping me to get some answers, bro.

have a nice day.