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Peter Aarum

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Recent posts by Peter Aarum

Thanks guys!
Catched a cold instead of a hangover ;) hopefully I Can get a (belgian) beer this weekend
9 years ago
Hi folks!
After a quite long wait, I finally got the resultat from the assesor. I submitted in the middle of november and after quite many emails asking whats going on, it finally came. Its a really good feeling

I would like to thank you all for the invaluable information posted in this forum and especially Roel and Roberto, you guys are fantastic!

Now I'm going for a beer!
Cheers all and thanks again!

Best Regards
9 years ago
hehe I have a 9 year old, maybe I can spend some time with him?
Hi folks.

The same to me... STATUS: fail!?

Anyhow. I have submitted and I cant do anything more... How will i spend my evenings now?

Also being a junior programmer it was nice to hear those words.
Great job!
9 years ago
Thanks Roel!

I hear you and see your points. I will think more of this.

Have a great day!

But its not good in the service-layer?
BTW I havent done this extending yet but the idea came to me when reading the other topic about RMI vs Socket.
Thanks Roel for the reply
Glad we cleared the who is extending who issue
hmm isnt this kinda like wrapping a FileNotFoundException with say a DataAccessException in the db-layer? Ofcourse I dont extend it but ... anyway.

public class ServiceException extends RemoteException { is what i mean.

Hi all

Any thoughts regarding extending RemoteException (or IOEx..) with my own ServiceException?

Is there something wrong with this aproach?

Hi Roberto and thanks for the reply!

Yeah I suspect that this test does not really test a reasonable scenario. What are the odds that 1000 clients connects almost simultaneously?


Back after alot of

I have now tested the simple RMI example and here are the results.

500 threads - no problem.
700 threads - no problem
1000 threads - multiple exceptions like above.

Since this worked with 700 I run the URLyBird test again and it worked with both 700 and 900 and it worked fine but not with 1000..... hmmm I dont know what to think about this. Otherwise I like the RMI solution a little better than the socket.....

Any thoughts/ideas?


Thanks for the reply Roel!

I will try that and post the result when I got time..... going on a short holiday.


Hello all!

First I made a socket implementation and then I decided that in order to choose between the two I must implement a RMI solution. I have now done that. And now to my question:
when I try to simulate multiple clients (by creating threads in a loop) and try to book a room it seems to work fine when I try it with 500 threads. Ant then I tried it with 700 I got alot of
java.rmi.ConnectException: Connection refused to host:; nested exception is: Connection refused: connect

This is ofcourse from the client threads. The server does not throw any exceptions. Is this something that I need to worry about? With my socket solution I could run it with 10.000 threads.....

Any thoughts?

Have a great saturday folks!
Man I hope so

Thanks for the encouragement Roberto!
10 years ago