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Recent posts by harinder singh

Anyone ??

Here is my code

This code is wrapped with facelets, I also tried the immediate ="true" condition on command button
Thanks in Advance!!

12 years ago
What version of Jboss you using ? it does not work for me when I upgraded the jboss to Jboss 5.0.1.
(It works for Jboss 4.2.3)
12 years ago

Hi Ranchers,

Problem: I have a text box and a button (Go), I want the same result when user click on Go button or click enter( when focus is in the test box)

Environment: jboss-seam-2.2.0.GA, richfaces-3.3.1.GA, jboss-5.1.0.GA

I have two Question
1) I am having a problem to trigger the backing bean method with onClick event from Javascript , I already search the form and find this link


I also tried the solution to use <h:commandlink> instead of <h:commandButton>..no Luck there (My code works fine but instead of calling the method it just refresh the Page)
The Reason I created the new Link to find out the real reason why the onclick method does not work for backing bean and if there is any other solution (ready to use API)??

Q 2) Anyone used the Default Action for a JSF Form ??

I was using it in the Jboss 4.2.3 from one year and it worked like a charm , but when I upgradede my Jboss to 5.0.1 it stop working
what is in the Jboss 5 that can block this ??? no idea (The only thing I can think of jsf-imp/facelet jars etc and I tried to change those with old jars....no luck there)

This is very basic functionality for a web -application and how come there is no information on the net ???

I will really appreciate you comments and solutions.

12 years ago
Hello Guys,
Little confused about component Diagram interfaces
My request flow is as : Jsf Page>>JSF Manged Bean>>Session Bean>>DAO>>
: Jsf Page>>JSF Manged Bean>>Session Bean>>> External Web Service

SLSB are injected with @EJB annotation in JSF bean and also to other DAO classes (everything is SLSB), all DAO SLSB classes extends abstract GenericDAO class as in the link

Now the question are:

1) JSF page to JSF Bean (show with dependency line)
2) JSF Bean to SLSF (show with assembly Line or just dependency to provided interface of SLSF) ??
3) SLSF(FacadeSession) to DAO SLSB (show with assembly Line or just dependency to provided interface of DAO SLSF) ??
4) DAO SLSF(DAO bean class interface) to Generic DAO abstract class (show with assembly Line or just dependency to provided interface of DAO SLSF) ??

5) Can I show inheritance in Component Diagram, I have
IUserDAO interface extends IGenericDAO interface
UserDAOBean extends GenericBeanDAO implements IUserDAO
Right now I am showing the Relation as assemply line from UserDAOBean to GenericBeanDAO and above the assembly line icon is IGenericDAO
May be I did confuse you
My point is should i just show the Interface dependecy or I have show that class Inheritance ASLO ( as my DAOBean class extends abstract GenericBeanDAO class)

6) Should I have to show dependecy from My GenericBeanDAO to all my Entity classes (if not then where they fit in the DAO pattrens ..I mean which right place)???

Please advice!! I am really stuck at this !!


Very helpul information!! Thanks you Suresh!
Hi Sri/Srees,
You are absolutly right about Frameworks. Your Answers are really helpful. I really appreciate your response.

About Blue Print Source link

I am using Windows Framework & when I open this this jar file it has only one class file (petstore.class) and one Meta-INF directory

Thank you very much!

Hi ,
I am looking into Factory Homes assignemnt and read some of the hot topics in the forum. that is really good and helpful but have some quesions that giving me little confusion like
1) Is it OK to use Seam Framework in my assignment ? is it good idea ?
2) If yes then, I guess no need to use lot of design pattrens like Business Delegate, Session Facade, Service lookup, even DAO etc
As seam does the DI from EJB tier to Web tier and web tier components are directly get used as backing beans in the xhtml pages.

3) if not then suppose I pick the JSF technology with JPA what will be Right Request Flow ?
I mean
xhtml/jsp Page >>MyCustomBackingBean>>Business Delegate>>My Service Locator>>My Session Facade>>MyBusinessSessionBean>>MyDAOClass

I guess Framework JSFActionServlet will act as FrontController. Aslo little confuse about Session Facade

4) one thing more can somebody please pass me the Pet Store demo/download link for J2EE 5, I downloaded it two times and it has only one class file (may be looking at the wrong URL)

Any link to template/sample project assignment will be very helpful.

Thanks in Advance and looking forwad to hear frm you!