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Recent posts by Kishore Tulsiani

instead of <%= "wcount" %> you should use <%=Integer.toString(wcount) %>
9 years ago
first of all can you specify the scenario or why you want to do this, like objects of application b in objects of application a.
9 years ago
objects like exception is not available on all the jsp's. it is only available when you make the jsp attribute error page = true
9 years ago
what I can say is from java you can store the value in request and from request you can take that value and store it in hidden element on HTML. once you got the value in hidden element it can be easily accessible in java script

sample code

9 years ago
I am planning to appear for Professional Scrum Master I assessment asap.
can anyone guide me what books will be must to read before I make an attempt.

I have working experience in scrum projects.
I am new to spring security.

after reading I understood that spring has many providers to do the authentication. but in my case following is the scenario.

for authentication I have to use LDAP. I am ok with it and understood how to do it in spring.

but for authorization the data is stored in database. I mean to say that all the roles and access information is stored in database. what approach should I take for this thing to implement in spring. please give me some inputs.
10 years ago
I have configured a webservice on weblogic successfully by following configuration

I am able to successfully call the websevice

but getting the following error on weblogic logs

I have asked the vendor for the response of web service they are actually sending following response

ACtually the response I see is only xml there is no SOAP details in this. so I need to do any specific setting in weblogic to understand this? or am i doing something wrong.
10 years ago
I am implementing Ajax on my pages and using Jquery for Ajax calls and using JSON to send the data to controller.

Can any one tell me how to map the JSON array in spirng controller command object ?

for example if following data is there

var jsondata = {
"birthday" : "26/01/1983",
"placeofbirth" : "mubai" ,
"names" : [ "mubai", "delhi" , "ahmedabad"]


what should be there for names on controller command bean??
11 years ago
JQuery rocks in this scenario
11 years ago
anyone .. Can suggest approach using IFRAMES???
I am working on a web page which is used to take input from users and generate some report based on user input. Generating a report takes some time so i decieded to put some gif indicator like spinning wheel to show to user that something is going on so user should wait to get his report.

I am showing gif image on form submission using java script.

After generating report i write the excel file in response. but the problem is that how to stop that gif indicator after user gets the download pop. it always spinning ...


Hello Ranchers

I want to integrate the Microsoft Reporting Services with my Website, i.e. when i click some link of Reporting Services from my web page it should automatically login and show me the report page in Reporting Services.

The Reporting Services has NTLM authentication, Currently when i click it is asking username and password in a popup if i enter that i am landed into the reporting page.

Can you guys suggest me what are the ways/approaches available to integrate the J2EE website with NTLM authentication???

My web application is running on Tomcat 6.0 and I am using spring as a framework.

Can you please elaborate more on how can i do this with hidden iframe or other design.
finally the detailed desc of my prob with sample code...

on sumbit validatemqform shows the processingicon so processing.gif is visble on the right top of the page....

server redirects to download.jsp below... and user gets the popup to save the file... but now how to hide that processingicon div again ???