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Recent posts by shashikant mourya

That's Correct, File to be copied from x64 folder and not i64.
Anyways, Thanks for the help guys.
8 years ago
Just check if you have accidentally deleted the temp folder in tomcat home directory. If it's there, and still you're getting errors, check if you have access permissions. Axis2 uses this folder when the tomcat starts and if its not accessible to axis, its gives out these warnings.
8 years ago
This might be late, but it may be useful for future solution-seekers. There is no issue with your project or with your tomcat configuration. Just check your commons logging jar version and replace it with an older version. I resolved this issue by replacing my commons-logging jar in WEB-INF/lib folder from version 1.1.1 to 1.0.4. It has been discussed here- Apache BugZila
Hope It Helps
8 years ago
Thanks, i would keep that in my mind from now on. I've asked this question at and since i require a solution on urgent basis, so i though i might ask it here as well. but i have got your point and from next time i'll keep that in mind.... :-)
9 years ago
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i want to implement delete functionality using checkboxes in my struts2 application. i'm using display tag in my jsp page to show the reports. i need to provide checkboxes with reports to delete the selected reports. i have tried this code in my jsp page :

<s:form name="listPage">
<display:table name="egnreports" class="table" id="egnreports" requestURI="" export="true" pagesize="30">

<s:checkbox name="checked" fieldValue='%{}' />

<display:column value="<%=egnreports_rowNum%>" title="S.No." />

<display:column property="createDate" sortable="true" titleKey="egnreport.createDate" style="width:13.5%"/>

<-- Other Table data here -->

<c:out value="${buttons}" escapeXml="false" />[/code]

In my action class, i have used this :

private String[] checked;

public String[] getChecked() {

return checked;

public void setChecked(String[] checked) {



When i try to retrive the selected values to delete the corresponding reports, i get a null pointer exception :

for (String code : checked) {


If i use

<input type="checkbox" name="checked" value="${}"/>

in place of s:checkbox tag, i'm able to see the values in the reports page (using firebug), but still they do not get populated in the action class.

(I can't use "${}" with s:checkbox tag, it shows "fieldvalue does not support runtime expression" and with "%{}", firebug shows checkbox value as empty ie, value="").

Where did i go wrong? can anybody help me with this???
9 years ago
Hi all,
i'm getting the following error while deploying my jsp web-application on weblogic:

Error [Deployer:149266]Illegal state for operation deploy: 'STATE_PREPARED'.

Besides this, i'm not getting my index.jsp file in the testing area to run my app.

Has anyone got some idea of what the problem is? is sth is wrong with my directory structure or there's sth wrong in my jsp files ???

10 years ago