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kavin clain

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Recent posts by kavin clain

It is graphic designs for web pages to logos. We get designs for web and print media.
8 years ago
Thank you Marco for your time...

I follow your suggestion and try to experiment to get desired results.
I also would experiment with Affine transform.

Thank you.

8 years ago
Thank you Marco for your reply.

Currently I am using code given in:

The code sample given in works fine but some times take too long to complete. Another problem is the image quality is not that good.

Other websites who are in the same business have highly efficient mechanism to downsize the image and takes very less time.

I tried several code but the quality is too bad... any buddy have good suggestions.
8 years ago
My web application allows users to upload their designs.
On design upload application re-size the image and shows the small image.

I am looking for an efficient technique to downsize the image... I appreciate any valuable suggestions.

The existing technique I am using is time taking and frustrating.
8 years ago

The javax.imageio.ImageIO class has methods to read and write various bitmap image formats. With its help, reading a GIF and writing it to a JPEG could be as little as two lines of code.

Thank you Lester. could you please provide me the code.

I used below code but failed. The saved file is of 0 byte.

8 years ago
How to get first frame of gif image... ?

Is there any way to save gif as jpeg image?
8 years ago
I want to get all rows (<tr> elements) of a given Table.

I tried the below steps but the results are different in different browsers.

Is there any correct way to do it?

Yes! I knew the problem when I used alert() it was clear to me...

I was looking for any way to solve this problem.

One way is to use split()...
I am using below code to find all matches of the given regular expression and then I replace it with some other string.

The problem is the new string replacing the old one contains the same text with some added instructions.
Now if there is another match which is exactly same as the previous one then the replace() method change the first occurrence.

Example: If I have a string: "I am looking for #12 and #3 but if I am asked to choose the best #12 would be the winner". Here #12 comes twice.
Using match() method I get an array containing #12, #3 and #12, provided regular expression /[#]{1}\d{1,4}/g.
Now if I replace #12 with <a href="bb.htm">#12</a> then using my code I am unable to replace second occurrence of #12.

Here is the code:

The first occurrence of #12 becomes an anchor but second occurrence never changes.
Thank you, Chris. Now it is giving the desired results... thank you very much.
I am new to regular expression.

I am trying to find all occurrences of '#(number)' as in the given string #45, #34 and #6.

After several try did not get the correct one. Any buddy help me to write correct regular expression.

Thanks for help.

There can be any number of such records to check for schedule match, and if it checks every few seconds then I want to know , would it affect the performance?
I am new to SQL queries and currently using MySQL.

In one of my database table, there is a column contains value of type timestamp.
Is it possible to set a trigger which will run when that time is reached?
In my web page I have an Iframe. The iframe has a input tag of type file.

My submit button is on the outer page. When i click submit the designated file gets uploaded.

The problem is: even after the file upload completed the browser shows the progress bar at the bottom moving slowly for more than 5 minutes some times.

I checked the database and the desired server side activities are all happens as usual on expected time.

Please help me to find a solution!