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I had attempted scjp some time back. I had received smart card from sun saying " sun Certified Professinal etc."

Now a days I am preparing my file for campus interviews.

i wanted to know shall i use the smart card at the top of file, the slot at the top cover where we need to enter our ID .

also where else I can use the smart card.

Hi Gaurav,

Congrats to you to ..

It is not the same with me , in my home page on

It is shown in current certifications
Program Status Certification Date
Sun Certified Web Component Developer for the Java Platform, EE 5 (SAI) certified 08/25/2010
Sun Certified Programmer for the Java Platform, SE 6 certified 02/28/2009

And I have received the certificate from sun as well. And in my history section it is not shown that

ENROLLED in "Oracle Certified Professional, Java EE 5 Web Component Developer"

I think it is like this because after 2nd sept there is no such thing as Sun Certified now you are oracle certified.
since you gave the exam after 2nd sept, you will be receiving an Oracle Certificate so I think you have to login to the Oracle Site somewhere, but I do not know how is that done.
11 years ago
SSL alone itself can be used for session tracking and secure transmission. Go in the specs and read the ways by which Container can perform session tracking

from where are you?


and what is SIA?

its SAI Sun Academic Intiative which used to provide teaching and discounts on certifcation during the reign of Sun Microsystems.
It died after oracle took it over.We were able to buy discounted vouchers 40$ only till 31st march 2010.

It will probably reincarnate in Oracle Academy but with terms and conditions I feel.
I had bought the voucher only at 40$

I am happy that I was a member of SAI and unhappy that its no more running.
Lets see if oracle academy gives us such priviliges.

What is student voucher?
Hi Simran,

The Enthuware Simulator mocks will do this for you, they have practice tests which are pretty close to the real exam.Atleast you must do the tough and very tough exams of it because that will broaden your mind.(After that the hard questions get repeated in the practice tests which i think shall be fixed by enthuware people.)

Except that Marcus exams are also of this type only. You can try the 3 practice tests and could test your score.

11 years ago

Just to inform the container, that these are the roles used in the application?


if you dont tell container about roles used in application then the things such as isUserinRole and <auth-constraint><role-name>
won't recognize the roles.

Oh yes Luis I was sleeping . yes i referred to

1. Exception: <%=exception.getMessage()%>

2. StackTrace: <%=exception.getStackTrace()%>

these only.

Frits is right here , which server are you testing on?
As the spec says its unavailable , so beleive that only.
NIIT might themselves be running some course in which they teach SCJP and SCWCD.

And no SCJD does not cover both courses.

but according to HFSJ, exception object should not be available when page directive does not include isErrorPage attribute, in this case exception is giving me information about the exception though...

Yes Hf said "exception" object is not available but "pageContext" is available , you are accessing exception through pageContext.

try doing this in your jsp and tell us the result.


So many wishes..! thank you , thank you so much everyone.

What is next on the certification menu?

I don't know, this was something I was going to ask you only. I want to develop web based applications using J2EE when I join any company as a software engineer. There I want to work for 2-3 years on J2EE and then will go for MS/ME later.

Which do you think I shall go for?(SCBCD or SCDJWS or IBM Cert J2EE developer something or shall I wait for the beta exams oracle is testing to be converted to real exams?

Congrates! If possible, please share your preperation info.

hmm.. my preparation info, well I prepared in an unmanaged way. But I have some suggestions from the experience I got in preparing and attempting the SCWCD exam-

Do head first twice , on your second attempt solve the niko's mock exam topic wise.

Do David bridgewater or scwcd exam study kit or Frits notes once after that.

then go on to mocks , solve as many mocks as you can, when you have doubt in a question then search the specs/book, if doubt persists search javaranch forum and other google searches, if it still persists then create a new topic on scwcd forum.

Many mock questions are ambiguous and some are useless just don't get worried by them.

Do not judge yourself by HF 2nd edition final mock exam completely. i had scored only 60% and had attempted it around 3 days before the real one. It has many errors check the errata as well.

Another thing I had solved mainly 1.4 exams only and a very few 1.5 mocks. I did not find the real exam very performance based, by my opinion it was like 1.4 mocks only.

all the best

11 years ago