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InfoTrust Group has been a key player in the aerospace, defense, manufacturing, automotive, high-tech, publishing, and health-care industries for more than 25 years. Today, our unique global approach is based on in-depth knowledge of contect data and standards such as XML, SGML, S1000D, DITA, ATA and MIL. We deliver powerful documentation solutions to over 100 companies to help them fulfill their information management, conversion, authoring, content and change management, and training objectives. We also provide experienced consulting, program management, systems integration, software engineering and solutions development services.

We have an immediate need for a Senior Software Engineer for our Product Engineering team. this is a 6 month 1099 contract position with the possibility of full-time employment at the end of the contract term. The ideal candidate will have solid experience in Java programming and XML technologies. Applicants should forward their resumes to for immediate consideration. Please note that US citizenship or permanent residency is required for this position.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
* Responsible for understanding the architecture of all target application(s) and propose technical approaches to extending the application architecture or interfacing the application with other applications.
* Works with Solutions Architect and Technical Leads to conceive of new architectural approaches and avenues for the target application(s).
* Assists less senior development resources, and helps them come up to speed on architecture, use of best design and coding practices.
* Designs new functionality and features into the application and remains hands-on with complex development tasks.
* Participates in design and code reviews.
* Works with Product Manager(s), Solutions Architects, Professional Services and Customer Services personnel.

* Excellent written and verbal communication skills
* Strong technical communication skills, ability to communicate with non-technical staff
* Works efficiently with minimum supervision, operates independently on assignments
* Recommends processing improvements and opportunities for operational enhancement
* Provides technical assistance and guidance to other team members
* Demonstrates ingenuity, initiative, and creativity
* Very resourceful and driven towards excellence
* Solid analytical and logical cognitive skills
* Excellent problem resolution and technical decision making abilities
* Well organized, dynamic, able to multitask and change focus quickly when required
* Self motivated, pursues knowledge acquisition and skill enhancement opportunities

* BSCS, BSCE, or BSEE or Equivalent along with 7+ years of software development experience building enterprise web applications with solid experience on both UI and Server side development with focus on scalability, distribution and performance.
* Experience in the whole software development life cycle.
* Solid Object Oriented Design and Programming skills.
* Strong hands-on software architecture, design and development skills.
* In depth knowledge of software design concepts and patterns: MVC, GoF design patterns, dependency injection, etc…
* Extensive experience in Core Java Standard Edition as well Java Enterprise Edition.
* Strong experience with XML Technologies (XML, XSLT, XPath, XQuery, etc…)
* Strong experience building web application with focus on GUI
* Experience in GUI technologies: JavaScript, AJAX, Ext JS, GWT, Dojo, JQuery, etc…
* Experience with Rules engines ex. Drools is a plus.
* Experience using Maven, Ant, SVN, Eclipse, CruiseControl, Hudosn, JIRA, Mantis, etc…
* Familiar with Agile development methods.
* US Citizenship or permanent residency required.
10 years ago