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Recent posts by sandeep lokhande

Hi Joel,

Congratulations on your book!!!
8 years ago
Hello Friends,

We need to create jpdl for jBPM 3.2 version through API(Java API without designer available for eclipse),
Please suggest the Tutorial, API and whatever you can help.

Thank you in advance.
8 years ago

I needed to Reinstall WAS 6.1 and i configured my application on the same,
Previously i used to compile the Ant scrit below, but after reinstallation,
I am getting compilation errors while building my application.

I am useing linux for WAS deployment,
The error log i get is as,

Is there anything i need to check at WAS as setting??
11 years ago
Getting following error while opening console,

What can be wrong, did restart, deleted temp folder and restart, did "iscdeploy -restore" and restart, still no luck...
11 years ago

Is this a correct/good Practice? or private static final is better??
11 years ago

sandeep lokhande wrote:In implementing Singleton Class,

Why we check twice(LN 2) when we are checking later(LN 5) ???

While waiting for answer i was googling and i found satisfatory answer,
Its a huge overhead because everytime the method is invokes synchronized has to go through the process of waiting for the lock and then obtaining the lock and
its unnecessary because its only once that the instance is created and all subsequent invocations would just return that instance. :-) so00 simple ;-)

11 years ago
In implementing Singleton Class,

Why we check twice(LN 2) when we are checking later(LN 5) ???

11 years ago
I want Call a client side method of an Webapplication from outside that application,
Lets say from my application or script, so as to trigger the functionality of that web-application.

I think as we are accessing only client side JS, so we could call the method.

Is it possible? If yes then what should be the approch for the same? Thank you in Advance. :-)
I want to access the ClientSide Javascript method of an WebApplication,
so as to simulate the JS function operation of that application from my application or script,

I think we can do that as we are going to call client side JS function of that method.

Can we Do that? If yes then what should be the Approch? Thank you in Advance.
11 years ago
Welcome Kevlin
12 years ago

Kristjan Toots wrote:

sandeep lokhande wrote:Can anybody please send me a request for google plus ?

I'll help a fellow rancher out, invitation sent!

Hey Kristjan,
Thank you ..................!

Finally today i will see G+ ,
I am eagar to see that,
as i am in office now,i dont have access to that,
But today, at last i got it,

Thank you once again
12 years ago
Can anybody please send me a request for goggle plus ?
I want to explore this new application,
and i am still waiting for invitation
Thank you in advance.

12 years ago
Welcome James Waldo
12 years ago

Jesper de Jong wrote:You can find the license here which defines it in exact legal terms: OpenJDK GPLv2 with Classpath Exception.

One of the characteristics of the GPL (GNU General Public License) is that when you create a piece of software that is derived from some other piece of software, it requires you to make your own software also available under the GPL license. In other words, if you use a GPL product in your own product and you publish it to the general public, then you are required to make your own software open source under the GPL also.

The "classpath exception" adds a special exception to this: when you use OpenJDK as a dependency in your program (in other words, you use OpenJDK classes on the classpath of your program) then you are not required to make your program open source under the GPL.

Thank you for your response, it is really informative.
13 years ago