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Recent posts by Neetu mukur

Thanks Suresh!
About Stereo Types so if I have entity that has two @annotations like

so it should be like this <<@Entity,@NamedQueries>> in my User class as stereo type, is it right ??
or if i use Notes how should it be used ?? may be like write

@annotation Entity,NamedQueries

in the Notes rectangle. please advice

I am very surprised that there is not too much information on EJB3 annotations with UML

Still Little confused to use the DAOs as I will be writing all my @NamedQueries directly in POJO/Entity and injecting the PersistanceContext in Business SessionBeans so need to write that much java code.
As the following links suggested:
[/]DAOs and JPA

Please send me the Links for implementing the DAOs with JPA, because the above links looks like lot of classes (Class per Entity)!!
that will be really helpful!!
one more thing if I implement my SessionFacade, Should it be better to have both @Remote and @Local Interfaces for this class, there is nothing mentioned in my
assignment that it will be accessed remotly but then what is the point of having SessionFacade if everything is local (My understanding is : mostly use it to avoid remote calls) what you think ??

Thanks lot !

Thanks Suresh, thank you so much! This information is very useful!
Just one (I guess 2 ) more silly question
1 ) In my Class diagram I have only 16 classes for business entities, you think is it really small Class Diagram ??
2) I am planing not to use DAOs also, so in my design I have

JSF>>Managed Bean>>SessionBean>> Entities

so not really any explicy pattrens, you think this desing is too simple ??
(In point of view with JSF/EJB3 you do not need lot of pattrens as with PersistanceContext/Unit, you can switch to a different Database whenever you wanted)
and all the calls are from inside the appplication so also no need for a SessionFacade, what are you views on this ??
Please advice!
Thanks again!
Hello Ranches,

I am working hard to finish my assignment SCEA-2 this week , just want to clear some point , please help!!

1) In UML how can I show the dependency Injection (I am using @annotations )of a Class/Resource objcet or just has a dependecy with a split line/arrow ??
2) In UML what are right Stereotype for EJB3 ie is it
EJB3 Entity bean /POJO : <<entity>> or <<Entity Bean>>
EJB3 Session Bean <<Session Bean>> or <<StatefulSessionBean>> I mean which is better ?

3) What if my SessionBean also has a @webService annotation, Can we specify two sterotypes ??

4) In starUML how can I get the "tree configuration" I mean if three class has the same parent how can i make it one arrow connecting all the child classes
I could not find the function in the StarUML, I really need this one!

5 )In my CLass diagram i ma showing only my Business Classes, you think I will be OK or should I include some Controller/Boundry Classes ??
if i do use a controller then it will connect(dependency arrow) to most of my POJOs/entities, is it right ??

Thanks a lot!!
Thanks Cameron !
I am not arguing that this link is saying so don't use these patterns,My point is it make perfect sense not to use because of J2EE 5 & EJB3's wonderful features (I mean in the real application!)
so My concern is just to include these in SCEA part 2 because it requires knowledge of J2EE patterns even it is little hard to digest to that I am making it a overkill

Thanks a lot,

Hello Ranchers,

Little confuse after searching the forum, I read the assignment over and over and want to make sure I am doing it right ..
Assumtion here are
1) Design has a status (flag/enum) as 'Completed','Incomplete' etc and has many Products
2) Product is a House (has a price) and many Componets


Now my main concern is where to put the the Foundation,Walls,Roof etc, should they will be treated as Components ?? or
should I attached them to Proudct/House as it done in BDM (1 Foundation,1 Roof, n walls etc)

3) Are we have to include all the EJB and Business Handler Classes in Class Diagram ? I was thinking the Class diagram will only show my model i.e Entity Classes and Relationships (that is what happend in the real project as that diagram we can discuss with domain expert), Is it right ?

4) I read in the forum that some ranchers has 34+ classes in class and componet diagrams !!
My design will be really simple as most of the Desing pattrens are out of Date, I think it does not make sense to use DAO,BD,Session Facade as
following link suggested

I am using JSF/Hibernate/EJB3 (Also in my real application )so don't just want to fit the design pattrens into SuD to just show that I know them !!
What you guys think!!

5) In sequence diagram it is make sense to include every step (every class/action that comes in the way) ??
6) It is for 200 people, I think one application server with may be two instance is enough!! is it make sense!!
I will really appreciate your help!! Please answer soon.. ! !