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Recent posts by Leonidas Savvides

When make a php or jsp web page and do more than 30 sec to respond (iterate all over files in a folder/sub-folders) browser appears an error usually.

how extend this time so not get an error?

any html meta attribute or PHP header param to apply?
9 years ago
in hybrid apps html5...well if image(<img src="file.jpg" width="250" />) is bigger resolution ratio(ppi) than screen is or vice versa, the quality of image will be that of smaller resolution ratio of the two??? yes correct / No...
10 years ago
IF I DO AN IMAGE in FW or PS of 320PPI - 5cm x 5cm, and the mobile app that this image appear runs on a mobile phone of 200ppi display resolution, then resolution seem of image should be 200ppi ... in other words should adapt automatically???
10 years ago
i run emulator from Dreamweaver cs 6 but seems no internet connection in emulator, well how fix? My PC has DSL... basically no Google maps work neither web forms nor ajax load content...
10 years ago


ECLIPSE & NETBEANS Same error about android.R class

As remember I installed ant in C:/Ant from Apache zip file.

Ant exist and to JDK?

BOTH far above must set in WINDOWS 7 64bit System - environmental vars???
10 years ago

ant -f C:\\Users\\User\\Documents\\NetBeansProjects\\AndroidApplication4 debug
Android SDK Tools Revision 22.0.0
Installed at C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk
Project Name: AndroidApplication4
Project Type: Application
C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk\tools\ant\build.xml:479: SDK does not have any Build Tools installed.
BUILD FAILED (total time: 0 seconds)

what to do? gives me this on run a new project from scratch (not add anything yet) NBANDROID/NETBEANS...
in the past eclipse no error had, but ANT TOOLS I reinstalled for phonegap command line AND NOW NOT CAN RUN PROJ Neither netbeans nor eclipse?

setContentView(R.layout.main); // R shows error...
10 years ago
user pc source:USER-HP

user pc destination:USER-PC
connectng 2 win PCs in local network
if in one pc(USER-HP) i have a repo:
cd C:/Users/User/Documents/PhoneGap/trnotes
To connect with another pc and clone (both installed git bash) this is correct:

git clone User-HP@ theProject

to create theProject in working folder git bash...(from USER-PC pc that accept the clone) (needed have .git this?)???

User-HP@ ip of source pc

i must be able to write read from windows explorer to

from USER-PC pc that accept the clone??? for success??
what about serialization methods of java to write objects in permanent file storage?
like javascript has stringify() & parse() for convert objects java has parse() and..., OR serialization methods, what?
Building a phone gap with dreamweaver cs6 and jquery mobile requires jquery , jquery mobile libraries as well only PhoneGap.js for phone gap, or anything else from PhoneGap?

I build my sample under a textbook app in dw cs6 but book was for cs5.5 not cs6 , you have any idea where insert Application settings...in cs6...?

Also in Menu - PhoneGap service compile appear only insert Android sdk and web os sdk location either in my mac or windows...PCs... How appear to insert the other platforms sdk locations...?
11 years ago
To: Tim Holloway

nothing happens,... using Git Bash CLI


if put just

git commit

I get a prompt to insert a message with some comments below it... how this way add comments or return back to git cli?
GIT 1.8.0

after commands in CLI (COMMAND LINE)
cd C:/Users/User/Documents/PhoneGap/trnotes
git init
git status
git add .
git commit // AFTER INSERT COMMIT's COMMENT WHAT PRESS TO RETURN to CLI and comment done?