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Recent posts by Linwood Hayes

thanks.  so basically by replying "you bet", my friend didn't hint whether he already had some other plan, nor did he hint whether he preferred other plan or taking my ride..  Right ?
English is so interesting and subtle..
11 hours ago
Last week, we planned a picnic with a few friends and families.  I offered a ride/carpool to a friend saying "We can drive and if you want to go with us, let me know."  Then I realized he was little hesitating, so I added "If you have other plan, feel free to go ahead with your plan..".  He said "You bet."  Can somebody tell me what does "you bet" mean here ?  Does it mean he did have other plans or what ?  You may ask why I didn't ask himself what it meant that time.  Be honest, I just didn't want to make myself look dumb by letting people feel I couldn't grasp English..
17 hours ago
I am using TFVC (Team Foundation).  Suppose I have a Main branch and a Dev branch, which was branched from Main branch.  So initially they are same.  Then I have the following operations (by order of time):

1. make some change on Dev branch (assume I created change set cs1, sc2, sc3), but not merged to main yet.
2. make some change on Main branch (assume I created change set cs4, sc5, cs6)
3. Merge the above 2) Main branch change to Dev branch (by selecting change set cs4, sc5, cs6)

Up to now, DEv branch has its own change and changes made on Main branch, and main branch only has its own changes.  Ideally, after I finished 1) change on Dev, I should have merged it to Main branch first.  But since I didn't do that, now if I want my main branch to get changes on Dev, when I choose "merge by change set" option, should I pick "sc1, sc2, sc3, sc4, sc5, sc6" ?   if I only pick "sc1, sc2, sc3", it would be problematic because some of the change may have been overriden by sc4, sc5, sc6..   So if I select "sc1, sc2, sc3, sc4, sc5, sc6" it seems to guarantee I get the latest codes, but y doing it this way it is little odd --- "sc4, sc5, sc6" were actually already in Main branch and I am merging them back again...

Can somebody tell me if this is the correct way to do it if I choose to use "merge by change set" ?  I know I can also do "merge by version" but let's assume I use "merge by change set" for now.

In USA, does java developer or DevOp engineer get paid more ? Assuming we are doing apple to apple comparison, e.g. a senior java developer vs a senior DevOp/Cloud engineer.
1 month ago
when a user access /myserver/app1/   and /myserver/app2 using two tabs of a browser window, assuming app1 and app2 are two applications  running on myserver and both of them use HttpSession.   Does server recognize the two accesses as same session ?
2 months ago
In hibernate when I insert an object into a table, if the row already exists, does it throw any exception ?
I can use method to replace an underscore char by a dash in a string.  But the .replace() method takes char, what's the correct syntax to replace characters like double quote by another char ?
5 months ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:The Java 8 JDK contains a JRE.

Yes, I know it contains.  But I am just surprised that it is OK to choose two different directory (one is at jdk/ folder level) and one is just "jre".  Do you mean if I choose "jdk", Eclipse will auto search for the jre sub-folder located under jdk directory ?  otherwise I still can't understand why it is ok to choose either folder.
9 months ago
When I use eclipse, and do "properties-->java build path-->library-->JRE system Library  add JRE.  I have following installed in my java/folder:

1) jdk1.8.xx
2) jre1.8.xx

I thought I should choose folder jre, right ? But I see some instructions that I can also select jdk1.8.xx.  But jdk and jre folders are totally different, how come it is OK if jdk folder is chosen for JRE library ??

9 months ago
Is cookies associated with browser ?   If I use Chrome to access a web site that generates cookies, and then use IE to access the same web site, does the site creates two cookies for me ( one from my Chrome access and one from IE access) ?

10 months ago
If database is changed from sybase to Oracle, once all data moved, In iBatis sql Map file that was created for sybase, it has <resultMap> and other <sql> elements.   Is it true that these elements do not need to be changed as long as the table structure stays the same after database migration and SQL statement works in both databases (usually they should, with few exception) ?  I guess my question is,  generally speaking, these sql map file elements should be same to various databases, correct ?
see some places set -Xms and -Xmx to be the same, but some examples set -Xms be half of -Xmx or at least smaller than it.  What's the pro and cons of each approach ?
11 months ago
I am using an old application and it has standard.jar.  Now since I already get servlet.jsp.jstl.jar and servlet.jsp.jstl-api.jar, do I still need standard.jar ?  

1 year ago

Tim Holloway wrote:Yes, that's a problem in complex systems that use libraries from many sources. A log aggregator such as slf4j can handle the job of re-routing all those other log API requests into log4j.

Thanks.  Could you give some resource link that talks about using slf4j to route open source ?
1 year ago
Not sure if this issue is directly related to this thread but I just ask anyway ---  While my log4j.xml works well with rolling and other logging stuff, I am still struggling with the question how to get those open source library (like spring, hibernate, etc) logging into the log file I specified in log4j.xml.  I have set

but no luck.  they all go to system out.  I remember once someone questioned maybe these framework do not use log4j.  But I do see some code example that using these frameworks and they set  logger for them like how I set..  Wondering how it worked for them.

BTW, I used log4j-1.2.17 and org.apache.log4j.Logger in java.

1 year ago