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Recent posts by Joseph Swager

So to share with everyone here is the settings i did to get the LDAP working. I built it out as beans itself and then added them to the auth Manager. Maybe it will help someone in the future:

Thanks Jayesh for your help!
6 years ago
So here is the new settings and it binds fine, i know its binding cause it will give me the 49 error stack as before when i provide it the wrong password now. Now its the 32 error with this setting. LDAP_NO_SUCH_OBJECT

here is my crude attempt to show you my structure depth of the object if this helps anyone understand my structure

here is the new stack with 32 error:
6 years ago

Yes Its an authentication error on the bind i do think.

Thank you so far for your help. I have an idea I'd like to try and I'll post the response i get good or bad.
6 years ago
Yes sorry we have three ldap server that are replicated. address 30 is the master one
6 years ago
So i can run ldapsearch and get results but i get an auth error using ldap in spring security:

this is my result on the DN when i run the above commands to each ldap server:

here is my spring security config for the ldap:

I'm getting a authentication error (ldap 49 error). see the stack below:
If anyone can help me I would be most grateful. I feel I'm missing something small.
the basic doc is very short and unclear :

stack trace:
6 years ago
Hello Fellow Ranchers,

So I have no problem making a basic rake file and calling its tasks from maven. However, when I build it as a rails project i get this error:

Here is my rake file:

My maven file:

And my lib/task/do_some_thing.rake:

Now the error goes away if I comment out everything in the base rake and put what i have in the do_some_thing.rake in it. then i get maven to print out.

What am i missing to do such a basic call in rake with a rails implementation ?

6 years ago
So true Richard. After reading his code posted it doesn't follow any the suggestions. I'd tell him how to do it with groovy which makes executions like this a bit easier, but I'm sure that wouldn't be followed either. Also, as he ever heard of Restful web services. Expose the code as an include of an URL in the jsp page. There is so many ways he could do this.
7 years ago
I wonder if permissions are even set correctly to execute the script. I'm just saying sometimes its the simplest things that cause the most frustration.
7 years ago
I second the recommendation of Grails in Action 2nd Ed. Also, I would pickup the 2nd Ed. of Groovy in Action as a companion guide for some finer groovy points a pure Java Developer would miss. This edition is in MEAP and is due to be published in the next month.
Another nice thing is has very good documentation with plenty of coding examples to help with the groovy and follow Guillaume Laforge blog at can provided valuable nuggets to learning grails.
7 years ago
Hi Charu,

I'm not an expert in grails, but I think your problem is on the extending
the import will ignore any constraints in the source class (Person) that don't have corresponding properties in the importing classes. I know they are extended from Person, but how are you applying this rule in the extended classes on this constraint.

I had a similar problem and this is the documentation I used to fix it:

Hope That helps or gets you steered toward the correct answer.
Joe Swager
7 years ago
Hello All,

So I've ran into a weird mod_jk issue. Or So I think it's mod_jk causing the problem. If I use the glassfish port 7070 i set for this apps domain the issue on accessing this action doesn't display the problem.

When I go to the site directly by port their is a link that executes a stripes action summary.action and it returns the page. However with mod_jk turned on it kicks me back to the login page because as you can see by the mod_jk
debug below I get a 404 on this action page then i have a 302 that happens twice and then I'm redirected to the fail over page which is the login page.

What would cause it to show as a 404 when you access it by the port directly you get no such error.

Thank you,

Hello fellow ranchers,


So it appears that jboss wouldn't complain about having to jars of jboss-system

I removed jboss-system-1.3.0.jar and it it has deployed everytime I've tried on glassfish. I hope that helps someone with this crazy issue I've had for over a week.

Can someone explain why the jboss 4.2 server we deploy on currently doesn't blow up like glassfish does?

Happy Coding

Hi everyone. So I redid the domain on glassfish and it seems not to help any. Although the errors I think are being a little more discriptive, but I'm still lots as to what the JAR issue I think I'm having.

Any Ideas or hints would be most appreciated. In the meantime Ill continue to find a solution and will share with the community if I find one.

Thanks all.

When i try at the command line and do a forced deploy here is the errors I get

Here is a list of the Jars for the apps in there WEB_INF/lib directory. Hope that helps