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Recent posts by Christophe Monnet

I've tried your example and yes it works!
The SAME code when called from my applet makes IE6 and NS6.1 to crash !
The only difference being that I don't launch the JFileChooser with a JButton but by calling a public function. And this public function is called in the browser via JavaScript.

When I click on the link "testWriteFile" the JFileChooser appears and then browser "not responding" in TaskManager.
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20 years ago
You could do it with JavaScript between ASP and Applet.
ASP -> Applet
Your ASP could generate JavaScript functions that control the applet.
Applet -> ASP
Your applet could call JavaScript function that submit forms which ACTION are another ASP page.
Hope it helps.
20 years ago
I have signed my applet so it can write a file on the user's disk. This is working when the path is hardcoded.
But I would like to let the user choose where to save the file.
So I use the JFileChooser like this:

This always makes the browser to crash. The dialog box appears but any interaction with it (click, move...) makes the browser to crash. I have to kill the process.
What's wrong with JFileChooser in applets ?
20 years ago
You should use the latest plugin: 1.3.1_01a
There is no need to embed you applet.
The plugin recognize the APPLET tag in IE and NS.
Life is easy again
20 years ago
You should use the latest plugin: 1.3.1_01a
There is no need to embed you applet.
The plugin recognize the APPLET tag in IE and NS.
Life is easy again
20 years ago
You have to sign your applet.
There is an example here:
In this example the file is written but to load it should be the same.
20 years ago
I have a JApplet that display properly in Netscape 6 (thanks to the embed tag) using the Sun plug-in 1.3.1_01a.
But I cannot control it via Javascript.
I've read here that

This mechanism permits applets to be accessed from Javascript within Internet Explorer. Unfortunately the current Netscape Plug-in APIs do not permit scripting of Plug-ins within Netscape Navigator. However Sun and Netscape are working together to implement a new interface ("OJI") that will permit full scripting of Java Plug-in in future releases of Netscape Navigator.

It is dated from April 2001.
Does anybody knows if there is a solution now ?
20 years ago
I've used the HTML Converter with "extended" option (for all browsers and OS).
The generated file works with IE, but not with Netscape.
The applet displays, there is no Java errors, but there is a javascript error:

With IE the trick was to add

Is there a particular trick for Netscape?
20 years ago

We are developing a EJB-based business application which publishes an
API for the Client application. These APIs are actually the methods of
the EJBRemote objects. The processing flow for any API call from the
Client application is as follows:
Client application -> Session Bean -> Business Object (which does
Validation) -> Business Object (which interacts with the Data access
layer) -> Data access layer.
Now, is it possible to restrict the Client application from directly
calling the Business Object (which interacts with the Data access
layer) without calling the Session Bean layer (thus breaking our
application). In other words, can we force the Client application to
call only our Session Beans?
Since we are hosting our application on an application server
(Weblogic, Websphere etc), the Client may use this application server
for hosting other applications as well; hence we have limited control
on the application server behaviour.
Any idea is welcome.


I'm trying to build my own swing component.
I would like to make a component like JLabel (text display - no edit) but with any shape around the label: circle, triangle, diamond...
Should I start from JLabel? JComponent? Higher class?
I've looked into JLabel code and it seems pretty tricky. I've made components in C++ but the swing paradigm is totally different I guess.
What is this LabelUI class ?
I was wondering if anyone had web ressource to share on the subject of building swing components ?

Thanks in advance,
20 years ago
Try document.applets["<AppletName>"] instead of document.<AppletName>

document.applets[0] should work as well.

Also in the <OBJECT> tag don't forget to add this line:
<PARAM NAME="scriptable" VALUE="true">
20 years ago