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Recent posts by sridhar satuloori

Hi ,
I have seen this question in javaworld forum (^84875@.ee6b80a/1701). There are no response to this. I am very much intrested to know the answer for this.
How can I reference the class of the object that invoked a method in another class?
For example, I have the class:
It has an instance variable of type
As some point, PrimaryClass invokes the method: workerClass.doSomething(someString);
Inside the workerClass.doSomething method, I need to invoke the getClass method on the calling Object (PrimaryClass in this case)
So inside WorkerClass I would have something like:
public void doSomething(String name)
����Object callingObject = ???;
����Class c = callingObject.getClass();
What is the ???
Thanks in advance!
21 years ago
Are there any document which tocs about how the tomcat security is implemented. I am specifically looking for SSO, Authorization and Realms.
21 years ago
welcome brian
[ October 22, 2002: Message edited by: sridhar satuloori ]
21 years ago
Congratulations guys
21 years ago
Normally all the application servers use caching of objects and connection pools for performance reasons at the cost of the memory. Make all these pools as minimum as possible to get the real memory usage.
21 years ago
All the applications in iAS will be deployed under ../ias/APPS directory. and as far as i know there is no way you can dep-loy app to other directory.
If you want you can change "NASApp"
21 years ago
One reason i feel for this body shops to grow is somehow people wants to work US, UK and other countries where you get higher pay(converted to native currency) than u are getting in ur mother land for the same work.
This is mostly Engneers who encourage these kind of body shops and body shoppers takes the advantage of the competition and skills, and they dont pay anything..
21 years ago
(assuming it is for iAS) Which service pack of iAS you are using for this.
21 years ago
for iAS65 iAs65 EE download

for S1AS70 S1AS7.0 home
21 years ago
AFAIK , All the session related stuff works perfectly fine with 6.5 Also its the more performant than previous SP's
21 years ago
Some time back there was a site with (i am not able to findout one now) which allows the users behind the firewall to visit the sites blocked by firewall.
How it works?
This is a strange problem Gx2GX error comes if ur request doesnt goes to kjs.
1. the problem could be Plugin not able to contact kxs
2. KXS not able to contact KJS.
I donno the logic but it works if you restart the plugin and iAS using iascontrol or
Let me know if problem still persists.
21 years ago
good verdict helps lot of people coming on H1B
21 years ago
Can you post some of the comparision figures of iAS/S1AS with other appservers.
21 years ago