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Recent posts by Abhineet Kapil

Hey, Did you finally join TW ?
4 years ago

If we are checking the boolean status inside synchronized block, do we still need to use the volatile variable ?

I would believe synchronized should be enough.

Your suggestions ?
Array could have been used as a backing structure in a HashSet.
My point is, one doesnt need K,V pair for HashSet. We only need to store values.

But I think Oracle wanted to reuse HashMap for HashSet.
Ha ha... Thats a huge time.. I dint notice the date of post.
4 years ago

Any specific reason for creating custom class and not using LinkedHashMap ?
4 years ago
I am wondering why would one consume extra memory in java.lang.TreeSet by using a java.lang.TreeMap underneath and assigning dummy objects for each key.

Yes you are right. It is take() operation.

I used word 'poll' in the sense of data removal operation.

So, unbounded queues will have one way blocking ie removal operations (and not addition operations)

4 years ago
Can an unbounded queue be a blocking queue ?

If so, how ?

As per my understanding, blocking queue means the offer/poll operations can be blocked if the queue is full/empty respectively.

which might mean, that poll operation will still hold as blocking operation for unbounded blocking queue.
4 years ago

I wanted to check if there is a central maven repository where I can upload my jars and access then over the internet from anywhere.

5 years ago

I am Java 5 certified.
Is it advisable to skip Java 6 certification and do Java 7 certification ?

Does a Java 6 certification provide much value when you are already Java 5 certified ?
Are there major features released in Java 6 ?
Yes, I have defined a root context as well.
And I understand that all the beans defined in the root context are shared across all the WebApplicationContexts.

But was just wondering if there was a possibility to peek into another WebAppContext. Thanks for Confirming !!

6 years ago

I have defined two WebApplicationContexts(i.e. Dispatcher Servlets) in my SpringWebMVC app with different url-patterns.
Each dispatcher servlet has its own config file defining beans in it.

Now I make a web request for the first dispatcher servlet. The targeted handler defined in first WebApplicationContext is invoked.
In that handler, Can I programatically get a reference to the bean defined in the other WebApplicationContext ?

I have tried using WebApplicationContextUtils, RequestContextUtils helpers and also ApplicationContextAware interface.
In all above cases, I always get the currently active WebApplicationContext.

6 years ago
Arrays are co-variant and Collections are invariant.

I am try to assign an array of java.lang.Short to an array of java.lang.Integer.
But I am getting a compile time error.

Type mismatch: cannot convert from Short[] to Integer[]

Can someone please explain why this error is coming if Arrays are co-variant.

6 years ago

I have a webapp1 deployed in an application server with context say /WebApp1 .

Now I want to write another webapp2 and deploy in the same server.

And I want to intercept the requests meant for webapp1 ( /WebApp1) and filter them through webapp2 servlet.

Is there any remote possibility of such kind of interception ?
6 years ago