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Krishna Jonnalagadda

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Recent posts by Krishna Jonnalagadda

Thanks for the reply !! We are not storing in cookies , We are using local storage ...

I think this is a common problem when javascript is used. In one of my applications that I've built, one of the requirement was to not use javascript.

I'd appreciate if you can provide some info on the following:
a. How do we make sure the data is not cached on the browsers ?and
b. How to ensure the application security when javascript (JQuery,AJAX etc) is used extensively ?


Have a question on these: We are going to use HTML 5, CSS 3 and JQuery for our new application which will be portal based, specifically deployed in Websphere application server 7.0 and portal server.

I think these are just UI specific technologies, is there any difference in using these in a portal/portlets vs conventional non portal based UI ? Could you please share any best practices on using these (HTML 5,CSS 3,JQuery) for portal/portlets ?

I've cleared the Architect Assignment and Exam.

Got the much awaited email from Oracle this morning and I see the status updated in Cert View..

Following are my timelines for the 3 parts:

Taken Test for Part 1: 01-Nov-2010
Submitted assignment for Part 2: 28-Sep-2011
Taken essay exam for Part 3: 29-Sep-2011

Result Email: 16-Oct-2011

Assignment: Big Smokes

Thanks for every one on this forum for their support and sharing, which provided me some of the key design inputs for my assignment.

6 years ago
Decrementing counter: 20 -1 = 19.

I got the much awaited email from Oracle this morning and i see the status updated in Cert View..I've cleared the Architect Assignment and Exam.

Part 1: 01-Nov-2010
Part 2: 28-Sep-2011
Part 3: 29-Sep-2011

Result Email: 16-Oct-2011

Assignment: Big Smokes
I got the voucher replacement for Part 2 very quickly (with in a day) and was able to complete both Part 2 and Part 3 on 9/29.

Waiting for the result now ..

Hello All,

I've finally completed my assignment and ready to submit and take part 3 exam before 9/30. I've sent my assignment jar as an attachment to,and got a standard reply of asking me to wait for 5 days for reply.

Just realized that there is a tedious process to be followed due to the transition of testing centers to Pearson VUE.

Due to the transition in testing center to Pearson VUE, i know that i cannot attend the part 3 exam unless i submit part 2, I've purchased my part 2 exam from Prometric in Jan'2011, reading the forum i came to know that i need to get a voucher replacement (1Z0-848 TRANSITION (VOUCHER ONLY) ) for part 2 to be able to submit at Pearson VUE. I've sent an email to requesting to send me the voucher # and also provided my Prometric ID.

Is any one having the same issue ? How long doest it take to get the voucher # ? Is there any thing else that i need to do to get this done by end 9/30 ?

Any comments or suggestions on this ?
Then i'd assume that POS is for in-store purchases only...
Why do you want to use POS for internet transactions ? You use POS when you go to a store and purchase some thing. But on internet we dont use POS and thats why we enter credit card details online.

Hope this helps ...
I am also struggling to use a caching mechanism for assignment. How about the following two options:

1. Use a DAO,DAOFactory implementation using plain JDBC ? The petstore example uses this ...but its prior EJB 3 though ...
2. Leave this open to the developers who'll develop this..Just mention to use some caching mechanism ...

Any comments ?
Thanks for clearing the confusion ....Appreciate your help !!
Same comfusion here ...

Can a missed requirement be a risk ?
Eg: In the standard Pet Store example, if after selecting a product and check out, if the requirement doesnt talk about updating the inventory ... should we consider this as risk and have a mitigation for this or put under assumptions or design decisions section and implement this ?

Can any one clear this confusion for me ?