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Recent posts by Babu Daan

It is giving me the exception saying
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: hereClassName
It is not able to find the class. Why!!
16 years ago
Hello Friends,
What did change in Java version 1.3 that I need to compile it differently. I had some programs written for Jdk1.2.2. I donno why I am not able to compile and run them in Jdk1.3. What are the changes. I am able to compile them using oldjavac and run them using oldjava.
Any help is appreciated.
16 years ago

Hi All,
Can u let me know one best book for MultiThreading topic.
I know that there is a new version of Orielly's Java Threads.
What is the difference between this new version and old version.
Or if you could suggest me any different book which is accurate and teaches well the Threads concept.
I would be greatful
best regds

This is the First Edition of the Book( came into the market in March 1999) still in the market with a different cover. Do we have to wait for the Second Edition to come as I expect many things might have changed.
Please let me know as I don't want to spend my money on outdated things. People please help.
16 years ago
Thanks valentin,
Do I need to take more than one Identification (Passport, Drivers License) or One should do the job.
And I just have the Voucher number but not a Paper with voucher number on it. So that number is enough right.
I heard that they provide with only 1 paper. Do you know if they provide with more than one.

Do we need to take Voucher to Test Center.
What kind of IDs do we need to take to Test Center.
Do we need to take a Pen along with us.
What else is needed. I would appreciate a faqs link if possible. Please bear with me I have no time left.
Thanks for all the help.

Hi Valentin,
Thanks for the reply. I know you are always there for us to help. Thank u for your great work.
Basically I have no problem in understanding the methods of
Math class
( every method is static. there are overloaded versinos of max,min,abs methods for int,long,float and double types. etc etc...)
But there are many number of Special cases ( like what is the result if the first parameter to the method is a NaN etc) for each and every method. That is a bit difficult part for me.
How is the concentration on these special cases on the Exam.
Please let me know if I have to know each and every one of them.
Then I would devote more time on that.
Regarding IO, I also thought the same. But just wanted to ask.
Hi ranchers,
What should we learn in math class. There are many special
cases for each and every method that is there in the Math class.
Should we remember everything from that. Please let me know.
I know that we need to concentrate on the constructors in IO. But
regarding methods, what should be done.
Sorry guys,
Actually I didn't mean it. I don't know why I wrote it. What is happening is, these days I go to check for new posts or replies to my posts or to check SCJP2 results page before even opening my email. Though I am sort of new here I had been following javaranch for a while. I am very excited that I won one of the valuable books. I am happy after seeing the email.
This would make it pretty clear that
Javaranch is The Place to Be. And the people who are supporting Javaranch are great. I once again thank all the people who are at Javaranch especially the Bartenders, Sheriff's.
I will again update this message when I receive the book.

Hi All,
Good to see my name in there.
I have a question here. How do I get the book. ( Any more rules and attached strings again). Please let me know.
I would love to read it as they are written by my favorite authors. I always read your posts here and find them very good. Now I can get them all here in one book.
Thank u all,Cheers
Hi Val,
How about Identifier name
Please let me know!
Babu Daan!

Hi I need to buy exam voucher from sun. Can anybody give info of the number I need to contact.How many days does this voucher take to reach me. And what is the number I need to call prometric to get my test center. Please do me this favor.

Hi Sonir Shah,
I guess you are postponing your exam every day. You post a message every day asking a new SCJP to give some tips saying that you are appearing SCJP in a month . And you say that you are Weak and not able to understand even the basics. I guess you haven't set any date for yourself and just typing some messages everyday. If you see your messages through search, I guess you will find the same message every where.
Let me give you all the tips that you need.
1. If you are really preparing for SCJP then you must be strong at your basics. So work hard to make your basics strong.
2. Coding is the only way to become a better and efficient programmer. As long as you just see the code or read few books doesn't make you a good programmer unless you really understand it and are able to code.
3. RHE is good enough. If you learn the concepts in RHE that is great. let me know if you Study from RHE and Fail in the Exam. You don't need another book.
I also read that you have JQ+. That makes things complete.
Please stop this
"Frankly speaking I am weak....."
If you are weak at your concepts, then make them strong. That will get you to become SCJP.
The tips that everybody give are the same. Work hard, code,do mocks and give the exam with cool mind.
16 years ago

can u please tell me a work around
16 years ago
Hi there,
I have Microsoft J++ installed on my Windows NT system. I want to use Sun's JVM. But I don't know how to set the Sun's compiler as a default one. When ever I write a java file in a notepad and saving it as a java file, it is having Microsoft specific Icon and always is opening it in VJ++ editor. I am able to compile my java file using
"javac" , But i am not able to Run it using "java MySourceFile"
It is allowing me to run the source file using "JView MySourceFile" . I want to use Sun's JVM. Please help me.
Where should I set it and how can I set it.
Anxiously waiting for help.
16 years ago