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Recent posts by naresh pokuri

Hi Everyone,

I have learned exposing Enterprise Beans as services in EJB 3.0. But, I am unable to track what are all technologies I need to learn Web Services to say "I know web services". I don't think exposing EJBs as web service is sufficient for that. I think there is so much to learn. Please guide me in becoming proficient in Web Services implementation. Any links or any books for reference would be great.

Thank You

11 years ago

shivendra tripathi wrote:Start with jax-ws, jax-rpc is obsolete now. Using jax-ws you can expose an ejb or servlet as webservice. To do that all you have to do is just adding some annotations.
You can start with sun tutorial on that

Thanks Tripati. I just started learning JAX RPC on EJB 3.0. I have written all the required artifacts and deployed my EJB jar on JBOSS server 4.2.3. How can I know that web service deployed on to server? any guidelines? I search for the same in google but I failed.
11 years ago
Hi All, I would like to learn Web Services on EJB 3.0. Please guide me what is the best path to learn it(like JAX-RPC, JAX-WS). Any useful links for learning would be great too. Thanks
11 years ago
Even I tried different ways to setting classpath it's still throwing NoClassDefFoundException

wscompile installed at C:\Sun\jwsdp-2.0\jaxrpc\bin

my Service End Point java class and Cofiguration.xml exist at E:\j2ee workspace\Practice EJB\classes

can you suggest a best way to generate WSDL and JAX RPC mapping files
11 years ago
what is the nature of Classloader, when a JAR file contains a dir named pref folder with .properties files and other xml files.
can we get reference to that files as stream by passing file names to ClassLoader.getReasourceAsStream() method.
11 years ago

kri shan wrote:Hi Naresh, Can you explain solution for the issue ?

Just go through the article on classloader(link provided by mark in this post)

What I did is as mark told I have added the conf folder as class folder.

Then I write following statement in a Bean method as follows

if you observe ClassLoader API, there are few methods that can help you

Mark E Hansen wrote:I'm not really a hibernate person, so if there are some hibernate-special rules, I may not be aware of them.
In looking at your image, that's not your Jar structure, that the layout of the sources for your PERSISTENCE project in your IDE. Are you sure you're even creating a Persistence.jar file? What does it look like?

If you have to, execute jar -tvf Persistence.jar and see what that shows.

Problem solved Mark. Thank you very much for your time. Thanks a lot.

Mark E Hansen wrote:Here's an article on classloading. If this is not enough, Google should help too:

I would think what you did would put the file on the classpath, so perhaps something else is wrong?

Thank you Mark. That was a very useful link. I gone through that completely.

Still I am getting the same exception

Here is my Persistance.jar structure

and my code to build SessionFactory in a local SessionBean exist in Model component of POKURI EAR. the code is

can you please help me that how can I build my SessionFactory

Thanks for your time
Mark as you suggest I have added Persistence.jar in EAR lib to make it's classes and files available to all it's components. But I am unable to build session factory. I am getting the following exception

this hibernate.cfg.xml there in conf dir of Persistance.jar

Can you guide me with few more tips?

or please post the links which will discuss more about class loaders on JEE applications

I am maintaining following structure for my project

Web - Web Project

Model - EJB Project

Persistence - Java project having data classes and their mapping for Hibernate

Pokuri - EAR Project

As we know we can give jar file to hibernate configuration to load mapping information from jar. As I deploy EAR on to server I just want to build SessionFactory from mapping files in Persistence jar. But I am unable to get the path for that jar. please guide me to get the jar path. Or suggest me the best way to build SessionFactory and bind the same to a JNDI name.