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Thanks all!!

Frits, I'm also using the Bill Burke EJB book. 'Mikalai's study guide' on Javaranch looks like it might be very helpful, it lists and answers every EJB objective. "See you" on the SCBCD forum.

I do have a day job, with COBOL/CICS mainframes, I'm madly trying to re-tool. Do a query on Monster usiing COBOL/CICS and your lucky to get one hit in any US city. I'm un-attached, my son is 18, and I'm moving to Seattle in August, so before I move, I'm using most of my time away from work (30 hours a week) on these certs. It's a little overwhelming at times (every other night I dream about method invocations, ahh!!!), but I started in November, passed SCJP in March and now SCWCD, it's very satisfying.

9 years ago

Mikalai Zaikin's notes look like they might provide this, any comments on that?

Thanks in advance!
HFSJ and the SCJP (Sierra and Bates) book were extremely helpful in that they said specifically what was and what wasn't on the exam. Is there an equivalent anywhere for SCBCD?

Thanks both!

Frits, I'm starting SCBCD this morning. I'm giving myself 13 weeks instead of the 9 I took with SCWCD.
9 years ago
To all, thanks for the website, the forums and all the help, this site is fanatastic!!! Thanks Fritz for your helpful comments and answers.

Thanks to the authors of HFSJ, it's very well done, and very, very helpful. There was very little on the actual exam that was not in the book. The book's contents led directly to setting up testing examples (which I'd highly recommend doing). I ended up with 1,300 flashcards (these included test code snippets with results), burning these in took a lot of time, but with total recall of the book's material, the exam was easy.

I read very little of the Java specs, I tend to try to memorize everything and didn't want to be pulled into memorizing all of this.

Thanks to the folks at Apache/Tomcat, the software was flawless and very easy to test with.

The FAQ's and Tips on Javaranch were very helpful.

I did buy the Enthuware mock exams for $29 dollars, I think it was worth the price. There is a lot of material covered in Enthuware that is not in HFSJ. There were only 2 questions of this nature that directly helped with the actual exam. This extra info did add to my general understanding of WC's and was helpful. There are lots of questions about material that is on the exam, all of the answers were accurate (as far as I could tell) this is a big plus! It gave me confidence that I knew the material thoroughly, and I discovered some areas I needed to revisit. To help you judge, I took mock exams 1-7 in the week before I got the 95% and my scores were, 83, 77, 88, 81, 86, 84, & 81.

Finally, thanks to the folks at Sun Microsystems for another product of very high quality. So much of what you did makes sense and I can see how it would fit in real-world situations; this makes it much easier to follow and learn. You should be proud of the work you did!!
9 years ago


Your questions on this forum helped me a lot.

Thanks again!
9 years ago
Thanks Fritz and Rohan!!

Both of your answers were helpful and I see the validity in the answer.

PS Fritz thanks to you and all of the others who suggested the Enthuware mock exams, they are very much worth the $29, they are filling a lot of the cracks of my understanding and reinforcing the existing knowledge

The question is

56. Which of the following is the least likely to make or receive network calls?

A jdni server
B transfer object
c service locator
d front controller
e. intercepting filter

The answer given was B. Why wouldn't answer e, intercepting filters, be correct?

Hi Ankit, thanks!

Great answer and it makes a lot of sense. It is something that has been bothering me since I read about these, I should have asked myself.

David, thanks for asking!
Hi David,

I took the mock exam today and got the same score as you. I am a little discouraged; I thought I had a good handle on the material. In looking at my wrong answers, I would have gotten a lot of them correct if I had known the proper number of correct answers (as you do on the actual exam).

I got 24 out of 25 on the javaranch mock exam. I'm not sure which to believe, I suspect it's in the middle.

Thanks for asking the question, I don't want to take the test until I'm almost certain to pass.

I have taken the the SCJP and it was 90% multiple choice, the questions were much less vague than some of the mock exam questions I took for that test. I thought some of the HFSJ mock questions were somewhat vague as well. I don't think I agree with the answer to 15 (i picked 'B'). I think the real exam makes a strong effort to eliminate any vagueness from the questions/answers.
Thanks all

PS moving forward with Java web components and finding it to be more "fun"
9 years ago
thanks all!!

am I still a greenhorn?
9 years ago